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How Well Do You Know: Something Borrowed
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1. The film starts with the celebration of a special occasion - what is it?
Darcy Rhone and Dexter Thaler's wedding
Rachel White's 30th birthday
Darcy Rhone's baby shower
Rachel White's law school graduation
2. Rachel and Dex meet up after the party's over when:
Darcy calls Rachel and invites her over to their house for a post-party party
Rachel and Dex run into each other at a club downtown
Rachel shows up at Dex's house, drunk
Dex returns to the bar to search for Darcy's missing purse
3. We see via flashback that Rachel and Dex met in law school, when:
Dex lent Rachel his pen after she dropped her pens on the floor
Rachel was Dex's bartender at his favorite college hangout
they ran into each other - literally - running to a class they were both late for
Dex asked Rachel if he could borrow a highlighter
4. While at a bar in the Hamptons, Dex's friend Marcus tries impressing Rachel by telling her a story about:
a chipmunk he saved when he was a youngster
saving his little brother from drowning
the spelling bee he won in 3rd grade
losing his virginity in high school
5. Darcy's friend Claire - who is constantly throwing herself at Rachel's best friend Ethan - is once again shot down by Ethan after trying to make a move. She informs Ethan that she's "up for a challenge" after a lying Ethan tells her that:
he's moving to Los Angeles next month
he's gay
he's in a long-distance relationship
he's celibate, as he wants to be a priest
6. Unbeknownst to both Rachel and Dex, Darcy invites them both to dinner with her. They are sure they've been caught...what does Darcy want to talk to them about?
She wants their opinions on the songs played at the wedding reception
She thinks Rachel is sad because she doesn't have a boyfriend and wants Dex to set her up with one of his friends
She thinks there is tension between them because they are competing for her affection
She wants to ask Claire to be her maid of honor instead of Rachel, and wants Dex's approval
7. Dex admits to Rachel that he had feelings for her throughout law school while they were:
tasting wedding cake samples
adding items to the wedding registry (Darcy didn't want to waste her time doing it so she sent Rachel instead)
searching for wedding caterers
listening to a cover band Darcy wants to hire for the wedding
8. After an unhappy weekend in the Hamptons, Rachel meets up with Ethan in the city for lunch. Ethan figures out she is sleeping with Dex after:
she accidentally calls him "Dex"
seeing roses on her desk at work
he catches her crying while looking at Darcy and Dex's wedding invitation
Rachel's coworker mentions to Ethan that she has seen Rachel and Dex together often
9. Initially unsure what to do re: Dex's suggestion that they spend 4th of July weekend together, Rachel decides to go for it after Darcy:
tells Rachel she's going to end up an old maid if she doesn't find someone soon
tells Rachel she's marrying Dex because "nothing better has come along"
ignores Rachel while she's helping Darcy write her wedding vows
says she is thinking of calling off the wedding
10. Rachel and Dex think they have NYC to themselves during 4th of July weekend, but are mistaken, as they run into __________.
Darcy's sister
Dex's parents
11. Ethan, angry at Rachel for allowing Dex to have his cake and eat it too and for not forcing Dex to make a choice, tells Rachel that he is:
done being friends with her until she confronts Dex
moving to London
dating Claire
going to tell Darcy about the affair unless Rachel confronts Dex
12. Rachel runs into Marcus in the city, who lets the secret out that:
Dex's father is buying Dex and Darcy a house
Dex admitted to him that he's sleeping with Rachel
Dex and Darcy are trying to get pregnant
he is having an affair with Darcy
By way of explanation.....
Marcus was having an affair with Darcy, but this isn't known until Darcy tells Rachel about it at the end of the movie
13. Darcy decides she wants to sleep over Rachel's house after her bachelorette party. For some reason, they decide to take a walk down memory lane, recreating a dance they used to do when children. What song were they dancing to?
"Push It" - Salt N Pepa
"Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-a-Lot
"It Takes Two" - Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
"Parents Just Don't Understand" - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
14. Darcy admits to Rachel that:
she is marrying Dex for his money
she cheated on Dex
she doesn't love Dex but doesn't want to be alone
She considered dumping Dex years back, as she thought he was in love with Rachel instead
15. Angry that Rachel has involved him in her web of lies by telling Darcy that he is her "secret lover", Ethan decides it's time to make Rachel's real secret known. He plays a game of ________ against Dex and Darcy (with Rachel as his partner), and suggests that a secret be shared per point scored.
beach volleyball
16. Rachel prevents Ethan from spilling her secret by:
hitting him in the face with her racquet
faking an injury so the game ends
telling Darcy she needs to talk to her about something, whisking her away suddenly
threatening to tell Claire that Ethan is NOT gay
17. Inspired by a conversation she has with __________ at the bar, Rachel asks Dex to call off the wedding and be with her.
18. Needing a distraction after Dex's rejection, Rachel:
goes barhopping with Claire
visits Ethan in London
sleeps with Marcus
admits to Darcy she had slept with Dex
19. While having a talk with Ethan, Rachel is surprised to hear that:
Ethan slept with Darcy in high school
Dex had talked to Ethan about how much he loved Rachel
Ethan has feelings for her
Darcy had told Ethan she was in love with him
20. Rachel arrives home from London to find that:
Darcy has become a "runaway bride"
Dex has called off the wedding
Ethan has followed her home
Claire has flown to London to find Ethan
21. Rachel and Dex's conversation is thwarted when Darcy shows up unexpectedly, forcing Dex to hide. Darcy surprises Rachel with some news of her own - what?
She is a lesbian and is in love with Rachel
She is moving to Boston
She is already engaged to another man
She is pregnant with Marcus's baby
22. Darcy figures out that Dex is hiding somewhere in Rachel's apartment after spotting his _______ in her apartment.
23. The final scene of the movie, shown mid-credits, shows Ethan in London. He hears a familiar voice - who is it?

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