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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 01: Serenity
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Awesome Quiz! You definitely need to have caught the little details to get 100% here. I've watched this over 20 times I am sure so it was easy for me.
Rosalita 5/29/11 11:08 am


1. Who gets promoted at the very start of the series?
2. "We've done the impossible, and..."
air support is gonna light the night in Serenity Valley
nobody done killed us yet
that makes us mighty
we've looked great doing it
3. Firefly the series is set how long after the Battle of Serenity Valley?
5 years
6 years
8 years
12 years
4. What will Wash's dinosaur call this land?
The Land Before Time
This Land
5. What is the name of the first Alliance Cruiser we see?
I.A.V. "Bendis"
I.A.V. "Crucial"
I.A.V. "Dortmunder"
I.A.V. "Ellis"
6. What is wrong with the cargo the Serenity crew has "acquired"?
The bars have a government stamp
The bars turn out to be counterfeit
The cows are moody
Jayne is allergic to it
7. When we first see Inara, she is...
Having sex
Piloting her ship
Yelling at Mal
8. Out of the four passengers they pick up on Persephone, which one is seen first?
Shepherd Book
9. "Maybe I'm not a fancy gentleman like you..."
Despite your name of Badger
I like women
With your silk shirt and silk boxers
With your very fine hat
10. "How come you don't care where you're goin'?"
"How you get there's the worthier part."
"I'm on the run from the law anyway."
"No matter where we go, there will be someone in need of redemption."
"Sort of seems silly considering how big the 'verse is."
11. What's the standing problem in dealing with Patience?
Her name is satirical
Mal really should have called her the next morning
She shot Mal
Zoe just doesn't like something about her
12. What is the special treat Kaylee receives from Shepherd Book?
An apple
A strawberry
Let's just say it's battery powered and leave it at that
13. What does the captain pay Jayne for?
Public Relations
14. Why are Shepherd Book and Inara so interested in Mal?
A) Because he's something of a mystery
B) Because so few men are
C) A & B
D) None of the above
15. Who does Mal punch, believing they have betrayed him to the alliance?
Shepherd Book
Simon Tam
16. Who gets shot in this episode?
Shepherd Book
Simon Tam
17. Who disables Dobson?
Shepherd Book
18. The crew pulls a prank on Simon in this episode. What is it?
They lead him to believe Kaylee has died
They tell him Dobson has a crush on him
They tell him he'll be 'bunking' with Jayne
They trick him into making a space walk
19. What are the contents of Simon's box?
All of the personal effects he could grab before fleeing
A naked girl
Step one: open the box
Thousands of gold bullions
20. What is Mal's reaction when he sees River Tam for the first time?
He says something in Mandarin Chinese
"That's a gorram naked chick."
21. What did River's code in her letter say?
Help me.
They're hurting us. Get me out.
They never let me dance.
22. "Can we maybe vote on..."
finishing the job?
saving the girl?
the whole murdering people issue?
whether Mal's pants are too tight?
23. "Now, you're only gonna scare him..."
"I don't have a Halloween costume."
"Mal, I don't tell you how to do your job. Well, I do, but..."
"Pain is scary."
"This is my gorram torture session."
24. What is the language Dobson knows Jayne understands?
25. Which of these will *not* happen if the Reavers board your ship?
Eat your flesh
Rape you to death
Sew your skins into their clothing
Tear out your eyes
26. How does Mal summarize his conversation with Patience?
"I believe that woman's planning to shoot me again."
"She's evil, but we're stuck."
27. Who accidentally allows Dobson to escape?
Shepherd Book
28. During the shootout on Whitefall, who gets shot first?
29. Who shoots Dobson?
Shepherd Book
30. What maneuver does Wash use to escape the Reavers?
Crazy Ivan
Millennium Force
Sonic U-Turn

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