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How Well Do You Know: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
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1. What actor plays Will Rodman, the scientist whose research becomes the catalyst for the Ape uprising?
John Stamos
Rob Lowe
Ryan Gosling
James Franco
2. What disease is Will trying to find a cure for?
Alzheimer’s disease
3. The Cure is tested on Chimpanzees, what effect does it have on them?
It makes them really funny
It kills them
Makes them sick
It gives them a human level of intelligence
4. During a demonstration of the new drug they are developing, a female chimp goes on a rampage, why?
She believed her baby was being threatened
She was very hungry
Because of the side effects caused by the drug
She felt her territory was being invaded`
5. What happens to this female chimp?
She escapes
She is shot and killed by security guards
She is put back in her cage
The scientists calm her down
6. How does Will’s boss react to the rampage?
He wants all of the chimps involved in the test to be euthanized
He tells Will to order lunch
He tells Will to make the cages more secure
He wants the drug to be modified
7. It is later discovered that the Chimp that went on a rampage was pregnant. After the baby chimp is born, what happens to him?
He is euthanized
He is kept in a cage in the lab
He is taken to a zoo
Will takes him home
8. Will’s father takes a liking to the chimp, what does he name him?
9. After Caesar is injured, Will takes him to a vet. There Caesar sees a dog on a leash. How does he react to this sight?
He makes the dog go fetch
He asks will if he’s a pet
He smells the dog’s behind
He imitates the dog
10. Will continues his research in secret, who does he test a sample of his cure on?
An unsuspecting neighbor
The mailman
His girlfriend
His father
11. How does his father react to the cure?
His condition improves but eventually his dementia returns
Nothing changes
His condition worsens
He dies
12. In the grips of dementia, Will’s father becomes confused and tries to drive a neighbor’s car and damages it. The neighbor confronts him. How does Caesar react to this?
Caesar ignores it
Caesar runs to get Will
Caesar is scared and hides
Caesar attacks the man
13. What happens to Caesar after his outburst?
Authorities place him in a primate shelter
Will grounds him
Caesar runs away
The neighbors attack him
14. At this shelter, Caesar is treated very cruelly, especially by the chief guard, Dodge Landon. What actor plays Dodge?
Daniel Radcliffe
Shia LaBeouf
Ryan Gosling
Tom Felton
15. Eventually Caesar escapes from his cell, what is the first thing he does?
He frees a gorilla kept in solitary confinement
He attacks Dodge
He starts a revolution
He goes to the bathroom
16. Why does he free this gorilla?
He looks up to the gorilla and wants to win his approval
He wants to challenge him to a fight
He wants the gorilla to help him gain dominance over the other apes by beating the sanctuary’s alpha chimp
He wants to race him
17. Will creates a more powerful form of the cure. What are the effects it has on humans?
It is fatal to humans
It has no effect on humans
It lowers the intelligence of humans
It makes people really sick
18. Franklin, Will’s assistant, is exposed to the new version of the cure, what happens to him?
He begins sneezing blood
He becomes stronger
He loses his motor skills
He becomes depressed
19. While attempting to find Will at his home, what does Franklin inadvertently do?
He angers Caesar
He disturbs Will from his work
He infects Will’s neighbor
He steps on will’s plants
20. When Will learns how dangerous the cure is, he tries to stop further testing but his boss ignores him. What does Will do?
He steals all of the samples of the cure
He punches his boss in the face
He continues his work for fear of losing his job
He quits
21. After escaping the primate shelter, Caesar returns to Will’s house, why?
To see Will one more time
To steal the canisters of the new cure and expose the other apes to it
He wanted to grab his things
He wanted to sleep in his old room
22. The apes plan to escape the facility but Dodge tries to stop them, what happens to him?
He is put in a cage
He is recruited by the apes
Caesar beats him up
He is killed through electrocution
23. After the apes escape, what do they do?
They go get some human food
They formally elect Caesar as their leader
They release all of the apes from Will’s job and the zoo
They go to the beach
24. There is an epic showdown between the apes and the police at the Golden Gate Bridge, after forcing their way past the police, where do the apes retreat to?
The redwood forest
A beach
Will’s house
A vacant parking lot
25. Will asks Caesar to end this and come home. How does Caesar respond?
He goes home with Will
He kills Will
He tells Will that he is home
He tells Will he’ll have to think about it

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