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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 05: Safe
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1. Young Simon was portrayed by an actor who later went on to star in a musical movie that became a huge hit amongst teenagers. What is his name?
Corbin Bleu
Lucas Grabeel
Shia LaBeouf
Zac Efron
2. What does Young River tell her brother that their troops will have to resort to?
Extreme heroics
Leaving men behind
3. How does Simon's father tell his son to repay him for the dedicated source box?
By agreeing to be good and faithful to the Alliance
By becoming a brilliant doctor
By taking good care of his sister
With money. Lots and lots of money.
4. What does Mal notice that River has added to her repertoire?
Craziness and lunacy
Cussing and hurling about of things
Fortune telling
5. What does Mal say he has no problem with as long as River does it quietly?
Milking the cows
Morbid and creepifying
Playing tag with Kaylee
Practicing battle skills
6. What does Jayne say he likes about the cattle?
The pleasant lowing sound they make
Smackin' em
Their smell
7. What does Wash suggest they should smuggle instead of cattle?
Gold bullion
8. What does River say about the cows?
"They are getting inside my brain! Make them stop!"
"They should come with me if they want to live."
"They weren't cows inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot."
"This one is Jayne's mother."
9. Whose feelings does Simon hurt in the general store?
Mal's (he's a sensitive type)
10. What is the name of the brothers who have arranged to buy Serenity's cattle?
11. What is River doing while Mal and Jayne are in a gunfight?
Kicking some local ass
Swallowing a bug
We're not sure, but it's probably something crazy
12. Who is shot in this episode?
Shepherd Book
13. In their past, something tips Simon off to the fact that something is wrong with River "at school". What is it that tells him all is not well?
Every ninth word in her letter is Chinese
She misspells words in her letter
She sends him telepathic signals
She signs her letter "Miranda"
14. Where was Simon a surgeon?
Capital City
Terror Lake
15. Why did the hill people snatch Simon and River?
They thought they were pretty and liked the looks of their mouths
They wanted a doctor
They wanted to hold them for ransom
They were avenging the Grange brothers

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