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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S02E03: What Is Dead May Never Die
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1. What does Sam give Gilly before the Black Cloaks leave her home?
A black cloak
His penis. More than once.
A sword of Valyrian steel
A thimble that belonged to his mother
2. King Renly and his bride Margaery watch a duel between two very tough knights. One of them is Margaery's brother, Loras. What is surprising about the other one?
The other knight only has one leg.
The other knight is a girl.
The other knight is Stannis.
The other knight is undead.
3. After Brienne of Tarth defeats Loras in battle, Renly grants her any request she likes. What does she ask of Renly?
A gift of Valyrian steel armor
The honor of taking Joffrey's head
To serve as Hand of the King
To serve as a member of his Kingsguard
4. What's the name of the ship that Theon gets to command?
The Lost Cause
The Salt Wife
The Sea Bitch
The Unworthy
5. In order to protect Shae, Tyrion suggests that she should work as a scullion in the kitchen. After she *ahem* vehemently protests, what job does he find her instead?
Handmaiden to a lady
Thieves Guild Member
Wine merchant
6. If you answered "Handmaiden to a lady" for the last question, you are correct! But do you know whose handmaiden Shae is?
Cersei Lannister
Lysa Stark
Ros the Whore
Sansa Stark
7. Tyrion tells three stories to three people in order to out the spy who has been feeding information to his sister. Which of these proves to be the leak?
Grand Maester Pycelle
8. Margaery, Renly's bride, is a sexually generous woman. What offer does she make to Renly?
"Do you want my brother to come in and help?"
"Do you want my lady-in-waiting to come in and help?"
"I can have my front teeth removed if it will increase your pleasure."
"The back is just as good as the front for me."
By way of explanation.....
This got a little weird(er). Sorry about that.
9. Littlefinger (Lord Petyr Baelish) is furious when he realizes that Tyrion has used him to in his deception to uncover Cersei's leak. Tyrion appeases Littlefinger by suggesting...
That Petyr be next in line for the position of Hand of the King
That Petyr can still be Lord of Harrenhal
That Petyr should go negotiate with Catelyn Stark for the release of Jaime Lannister
That Petyr should marry Cersei
By way of explanation.....
Littlefinger loooooooooooves Cat.
10. What is the proper compensation for a prostitute when her john is pulled off her, unbearded, and hauled off to prison?
A ham., wait. Two coins.
Joffrey's men don't pay whores.
A donkey named Bruce.
By way of explanation.....
Tyrion initially gives her one coin, but then rethinks it, and doubles her money.
11. Complete this quote from Varys: "The small council..."
...doesn't cater to the whims of Imps.
...grows smaller every day.
...knows the King is a bastard.
...needs new blood.
12. When Arya is bothered by memories of her father's beheading, Yoren tells her that they have something in common. What foul act did he witness when he was a youth?
He saw his brother stabbed through the heart.
He saw his father killed by pirates.
He was forced to watch while men did unspeakable things to his mother.
He witnessed his sister's murder during the overthrow of a king.
By way of explanation.....
Don't worry. Yoren got his revenge.
13. Three very, very scary men are held prisoner in a cage in the camp where Arya is staying with Yoren and company. When the cage catches fire during the big battle with the gold cloaks, how does Arya help these frightening fellows?
She gives them an axe to chop through the wooden bars.
She pours water on the fire.
She pushes it down a hill so that it will break.
Trick question. She doesn't help them at all. She lets them burn.
14. Lommy Greenhands makes a request that one of the gold cloaks refuses to offer. What is it?
Let me take off my coat of arms first.
May I have one glass of wine?
Tell my parents I died bravely.
You've got to carry me.
By way of explanation.....
Instead of carrying him, the soldier goes another way by stabbing him in the throat.
15. After Yoren is killed and the gold cloaks win the battle, they ask where Gendry is. What does Arya do?
She doesn't do anything. Best to stay quiet as a mouse.
She points to Lommy, who has the bull's head helmet right beside him, and tells them they've already killed Gendry.
She points to Gendry and tells them that they have their man.
She tells them that Gendry has escaped and that he ran north.

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