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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S02E02: The Night Lands
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1. Some gold cloaks (aka King's men) arrive at the camp of Yoren and the men/boys he has collected for the Night's Watch. Who are they looking for?
Hot Pie
2. At the King's Council, the group has had a raven from the commander of the Night's Watch. He requests more men to deal with what problem?
The King Beyond the Wall
The Undead
3. Samwell Tarly intervenes when Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost has one of Craster's wives backed into a corner. What is her name?
4. In the previous episode, Daenerys had sent off some of the men of her khalasar to search for towns where they might be welcome. Rakharo is sent back to her in what condition?
Covered with pox scars
With an arrow coming out of his back
5. Why is Ros the Prostitute sad?
Because Littlefinger has promised her to Lord Tyrion
Because Mhagen's baby was killed by the Gold Cloaks
Because she misses Theon Greyjoy
She's only the second highest earning prostitute these days
6. Tyrion has a conversation with Lord Janos Slynt wherein he questions the man about the murder of King Robert's bastards as well as the beheading of Ned Stark. After getting the necessary information from Slynt, what does Tyrion do with him?
Arranges to have him beheaded
Awards him with the Lordship of Harrenhal
Sends him off to the Night's Watch
Tells Bronn to stab him
7. Congratulations go out to Bronn, who gets a promotion in this episode. What is his new title?
Commander of the City Watch
The Dirty Hand
King of the Sellswords
Lord of Harrenhal
8. What secret of Arya's has been deduced by Gendry?
Brown is not her color
She has killed someone
She's a girl
She's in love with him
9. Theon rides to his father's castle with a girl, who he gropes as they ride her horse. What does he learn about her after they arrive?
His father killed her father
She's his sister
She and the horse are...close
The witch/priestess takes on many forms
By way of explanation.....
10. Balon, Theon's father, is obsessed over one of his son's accessories. What does he ask about it?
Are you sure you have a cock in that codpiece?
Did you pay the iron price for it or the gold?
Is that the gay ear?
That ring...don't you think you should have told your father you were married?
11. Why does Balon Greyjoy hate the late Ned Stark so much?
Ned allowed Robert Baratheon to become king
Ned had an affair with Balon's beloved wife
Ned killed all of Balon's sons except for Theon
Ned was a ginger (strange, since he wasn't)
12. New character(s) alert! Davos Seaworth negotiates with the pirate Salladhor Saan to come fight for Stannis. Salladhor says he'll do it, but he wants one thing. What is that thing?
The finger bones Davos carries around his neck
Queen Cersei
A pony
The red witch Melisandre
13. This episode reveals a key sticking point between Cersei and Tyrion. Why has she hated the Imp for so long?
He doesn't repay his debts
He was responsible (in Cersei's mind) for the death of their mother
He knows about her and Jamie
He not-at-all-affectionately refers to Joffrey as the halfwit
14. What does Melisandre (the red witch) promise King Stannis?
The black smoke will lead him to victory
All the other "king's" heads on golden platters
Firecrotch, baby!
A son
15. Jon Snow finds out what happens to Craster's sons. What is it?
He names them all George Foreman
He sacrifices them to the white walkers
The eunuchs gain a new member...a small child loses a member.
They get dropped off the top of the wall

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