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How Well Do You Know: The Path to The Avengers
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1. Let's be fanboys at the start of the quiz. Who is directing The Avengers?
Ang Lee
Jon Favreau
Joss Whedon
Kenneth Branagh
By way of explanation.....
BOP voted Serenity the best movie of 2005. Imagine what Whedon can do with a $225 million budget.
2. Which of Captain America, The Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 has earned the most in worldwide box office?
Captain America
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
By way of explanation.....
Iron Man 2 is the correct answer with roughly $625 million. Iron Man wins domestically by $6 million over Iron Man 2. The 6 films have earned $2.5 billion worldwide.
3. Who is the only character who makes an appearance in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor?
Nick Fury
Phil Coulson
Tony Stark
By way of explanation.....
Coulson does not actually appear in Captain America. He is presumably too busy in New Mexico.
4. Which of these superheroes will not make an appearance in The Avengers?
Black Widow
Nick Fury
By way of explanation.....
Spider-Man has his own 2012 movie.
5. Let's talk about sidekicks for a moment. Which of these actors will not make an appearance in The Avengers?
Clark Gregg
Natalie Portman
Samuel L. Jackson
Stellan Skarsgård
By way of explanation.....
Gregg, Jackson and Skarsgård portray Phil Coulson, Erik Selvig and Nick Fury respectively. Portman's character, Jane Foster, will not be reunited with her favorite drunken demigod until Thor 2
6. Let's talk bad guys for a couple of questions. Which of these has not been a villain in Thor, Captain America or one of the Iron Man movies thus far?
Doctor Doom
Iron Monger
Red Skull
By way of explanation.....
Doctor Doom is solely a Fantastic Four villain in the Marvel movie universe thus far. Iron Monger is Obadiah Stane aka Jeff Bridges.
7. Which of these villains will be the primary Big Bad in The Avengers?
The Abomination
Ivan Vanko
Red Skull
By way of explanation.....
For half-brothers, Loki and Thor don't look a lot alike.
8. All right, you have reached The Incredible Hulk portion of the quiz. If Hulk ever settled down and married Betty, what would his relationship be to mortal enemy Thunderbolt Ross?
They would have married the same woman
They would still be brothers, so no change.
By way of explanation.....
Be careful, Betty, Skaar would not look *or* feel good coming out of your body. Anyway, Thunderbolt Ross is her dad.
9. Which of these actors has not portrayed The Hulk in a movie?
Ed Norton
Eric Bana
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mark Ruffalo
By way of explanation.....
Gyllenhaal was almost Spider-Man, though.
10. Which of these actors has not portrayed either Betty or Thunderbolt Ross?
Jennifer Connelly
Liv Tyler
Nick Nolte
Sam Elliott
By way of explanation.....
This one was a bit tricky. Nolte portrayed Bruce Banner's father in the first movie while Elliott portrayed Thunderbolt Ross.
11. This noted director's career was almost ruined by the disastrous performance of The Hulk.
Ang Lee
Louis Leterrier
Spike Jonze
Terrence Malick
By way of explanation.....
Ang Lee did a clever bit of pre-release advertising through BMW's The Hire, but The Hulk itself was a bomb. Toy sales were what justified a sequel/reboot. Leterrier directed that film.
12. Who does The Hulk fight through Harlem in The Incredible Hulk?
The Bi-Beast
Thunderbolt Ross' enhanced helicopter
By way of explanation.....
The Bi-Beast is apparently a real character in The Hulk's rogues gallery, which feels vaguely homophobic.
13. Okay, let's move on to the Marvel movies that actually made money. What is the subtitle of Captain America?
Agent of SHIELD
The First Avenger
The Last True Hero
The Man Time Forgot
By way of explanation.....
Great Avenger, cheesy costume
14. Why can't Steve Rogers get enlisted in the army?
He is gay.
He is paraplegic.
He is technically German.
He is too small.
By way of explanation.....
#3 would be a great twist for the comic.
15. Which moment leads to Rogers' selection for the super-soldier serum?
He becomes the first person to retrieve a flag from a slick, steep pole.
He blackmails Dr. Abraham Erskine.
He falls on a grenade to save the other soldiers.
He seduces British agent Peggy Carter.
By way of explanation.....
His running toward the grenade while the huge soldiers flee in terror is one of the best movie moments of the 2000s.
16. Since this is apparently a plot point in The Avengers, what is the item Red Skull attempts to control in Captain America?
golden artifact
Howard Stark's brain
By way of explanation.....
Hey, if they can save Hitler's brain, why not Howard Stark's? Anyway, our resident comic book nerd tells me that the Tesseract is a Cosmic Cube and that this is important for some uber-geeky reason.
17. What happens to Steve Rogers at the end of Captain America?
The movie ends with him crashing into an iceberg.
The movie ends with him frozen in ice.
The movie ends with him realizing his tesseract encounter was all a dream.
The movie ends with him realizing he is in New York City 70 years after the crash.
By way of explanation.....
To be fair, the odds of him being at the baseball game Nick Fury has playing on the radio are fairly remote.
18. All right, let's move on to everyone's favorite long-haired ab-riffic Asgardian. In Thor, who is revealed to be Loki's father?
By way of explanation.....
Odin adopted and raised Loki, but Laufey sired him.
19. Here's an easy one. What's the name of Thor's hammer?
Hank Aaron
By way of explanation.....
I said it was an easy one.
20. Which of the following is not true of Thor?
Has hearty appetite for food/mead
Next in line to the Asgard throne
Requires Odinsleep
Son of Odin
By way of explanation.....
Only Odin requires Odinsleep, which makes the name quite sensible.
21. After the credits of Thor, Loki is seen manipulating someone, which is presumably important for The Avengers. Who is he controlling?
Darcy Lewis
Erik Selvig
Jane Foster
By way of explanation.....
Dr. Selvig is theoretically working on something for Nick Fury but in reality he is doing Loki's bidding.
22. Finally, let's discuss the bread winner, Iron Man. What part of Tony Stark's body requires the arc reactor technology to sustain it?
The part of Stark's body that he usually thinks with...and that's not his brain.
By way of explanation.....
Tony's cave surgery is several steps beyond heart surgery, but that is the vital organ being protected.
23. What is Tony Stark's revelation at the end of Iron Man?
He is broke.
He is the entire internet.
He is Iron Man.
He is a Skrull.
By way of explanation.....
#2 and #4 may also prove correct at some point.
24. Which of these is not an Iron Man villain in the movies thus far?
Iron Monger
Justin Hammer
By way of explanation.....
MODOK, who seems like a more natural villain of Iron Man, does make an appearance (of sorts) in Captain American, though.
25. What does Nick Fury tell Tony Stark at the end of Iron Man 2?
Captain America is not a suitable candidate for the Avengers Initiative
Iron Man is not a suitable candidate for the Avengers Initiative
Thor is not a suitable candidate for the Avengers Initiative
Tony Stark is not a suitable candidate for the Avengers Initiative
By way of explanation.....
Iron Man is but Tony Stark is not. I think it's reasonable to conclude that Fury changes his opinion in The Avengers.

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