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How Well Do You Know: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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Pretty easy quiz, except their are numerous mistakes in the questions.#12 should read "Unacceptable", not "Acceptable".
amadhatter53 6/8/13 12:35 pm


1. Who "donates" his ride to the T-101 at the start of the movie?
A biker
A tattoo parlor artist
Tony Hawk
The California Republican Party
2. Who "donates" his ride to the T-1000 soon afterward?
A diner owner
A police officer
A male stripper
A tattoo parlor artist
3. What act of juvenile delinquency does John Connor perform at the start of the movie?
He is playing hooky.
He is robbing an ATM.
He is spraypainting a wall.
Look, it's Edward Furlong. There are simply too many possible options to list them all.
4. Dr. Silberman's most trying patient is a 29-year-old female diagnosed as acute schizo-affective disorder. In what matter did she recently assault him.
She bit him in the neck in order to make her insanity plea.
She clocked him with a crowbar.
She stabbed his knee with his own pen.
She gave him some pelvic torture through Snu-Snu.
5. When is the date of the coming apocalypse, according to Ms. Connor?
August 4, 1997
August 29, 1997
December 25, 1997
December 31, 1999 (lousy Y2K)
6. Who is the creator of Skynet?
John Connor
Miles Bennett Dyson
Travis Skyne
7. Skynet recovered something from the Terminator destroyed in the first movie. What is it?
Robotic eye
Robotic hand
Robotic leg
Let's just say he's anatomically correct...and what a manbot he is!
8. Where does the T-101 hide his gun?
A box of roses
A crevice within his leg
A violin case
Yeah, that place. Down there. You know where I mean.
9. Who sent the T-101 to protect John Connor?
John Connor
Sarah Connor
Miles Dyson
Kyle Reese
10. Dr. Silberman's most trying patient manages to escape. Along the way, she also assaults him. What does she do this time?
She breaks his arm
She hits him with a mop handle
She threatens to give him a lethal injection
Answers 1 and 3 are both right.
11. Complete the catchphrase: "Come with me..."
"before his elevator arrives."
"if you want to live."
"If you don't, we're all dead."
Look, we're not doing the dirty mind joke here. This is a family site.
12. Which of these quotes is acceptable Human Speak according to John in his English for Dumborgs rant?
Eat me
Hasta la vista, baby
No problemo
13. Why won't humanity make it, according to the T-101?
All this has happened before and it will happen again.
It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.
Judgment Day may not be denied.
The T-1000 line inevitably will wipe out humanity.
14. How does the T-101 explain that Skynet fights back when the government tries to pull the plug on August 29, 1997?
Airplanes and helicopters are given faulty attack targets.
ICBMs are launched against the United States
ICBMs are launched against Russia
It targets and kills Steve Jobs, thereby preventing the creation of the iPod.
15. What codename does John give his pet Terminator during their encounter with Enrique Salceda and his family?
Big Brother
Cousin Larry
Josiah the Outlaw
Uncle Bob
16. What is the T-101's only personal/existential question to John?
Does your mother hate me?
Have you ever seen the rain?
Why can't I kill people?
Why do you cry?
17. Why does Sarah fail to shoot Dyson in the back of the head?
A rare moment of humanity makes her reconsider the shot.
He sees her reflection in his monitor screen and ducks.
His son's toy truck hits his foot, so he bends over to grab it.
What miss? It's a splatterfest.
18. How does Dyson learn that he is fated to unintentionally kill three billion people?
John Connor accidentally lets it slip while trying to stop his mom from committing murder.
Sarah Connor accuses him of it as he pleads for his life with her.
The Terminator flatly lays out the history of systematic execution of humanity.
He blows up without ever learning his real fate.
19. Why does Dyson realize they have to return to Cyberdyne?
He tries to trick them into moving away from his house.
He fears the machines will realize he is trying to destroy them.
The vault contains a CPU chip containing the first Terminator's brain.
If he doesn't, Cameron is out a cool action scene. The people on set live in fear of his tantrums.
20. During the break-in of Cyberdyne, what is the T-101's chief advantage over the military?
Explosions don't phase him.
He's not a mouth breather...or any kind of breather, for that matter.
Keen fashion sense.
Machine gun fire arouses him sexually.
21. How many military soldiers is the T-101 forced to kill?
22. Which member of the team doesn't make it out of Cyberdyne alive?
Dr. Silberman
Miles Dyson
Tarissa Dyson
Enrique Salceda
23. During his grand adventure in failing to accomplish its primary objective, the T-1000 co-opts all of the following vehicles except:
Police Car
24. Which of these attempts finally ends the "life" of the T-1000?
A blowtorch setting off a gasline explosion.
A frozen bath of liquid nitrogen.
A pit of molten steel.
A forced viewing of Jingle All the Way.
25. Complete the sentence: "I know now why you cry..."
"But it is something I can never do."
"Hasta la vista, baby."
"I need a vacation."
"Your mother is a total bitch."

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