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How Well Do You Know: Paul
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1. The film’s opening scene takes place in what year?
Present Day
2. Who is Paul?
One of the nerds played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
A redneck whose car they smashed
An extraterrestrial trying to return home
A religious nut
3. Who is the actor who provides the voice for Paul?
Steve Buscemi
Robert Deniro
Adam Sandler
Seth Rogen
4. Where does Paul’s space ship crash land?
San Diego Comic Con
A farm
A church
Six Flags
5. What does Paul’s ship accidentally kill crash landing?
A farmer
A cow
A dog
A pig
6. Who is the first person to see the crash?
A little girl
A farmer
A doctor
An old man
7. After the opening scene, the movie flashes forward to what year?
Present Day
8. When we first meet our two heroes Graeme (Simon Pegg) and Clive, (Nick Frost) where are they?
San Diego Comic Con
A screening of E.T.
Universal Studios
At the beach
9. At the convention, they meet one of their heroes. Who is he?
Todd McFarlane
Adam Shadowchild
Steven Spielberg
Anna Faris
10. Adam Shadowchild, the famous science fiction writer they meet, is played by what actor?
Adam Sandler
Will Ferrell
Colin Farrel
Jeffrey Tambor
11. What is the book that they show Adam Shadowchild, which Clive wrote and Graeme illustrated, titled?
Space Dogs
Time Traveling Kitties
Jurassic Tick
12. What is the first thing Adam notices about the cover?
The illustration is done very well
It looks very cool
The girl has three tits
The title is misspelled
13. At their hotel, why does room service think that Graeme and Clive are on their honeymoon?
He walks in on them spooning
They argue like a couple
They have his and his bathrobes
The hotel messed up their reservations and gave them a queen sized bed instead of two twins
14. After the convention, where do Graeme and Clive plan on going?
Disney World
Six Flags
Area 51
New Jersey
15. How do they meet Paul?
They see him crash his car and approach to help
Paul was hitchhiking
They saw him at a comic book shop
Paul sent them a Facebook friend request
16. When they first see Paul, what does Clive do?
Clive strangles Paul
Clive challenges Paul to a dance off
Clive faints
Clive runs
17. Graeme’s shirt has a picture of a very famous movie, what is it?
The Empire Strikes back
18. What favor does Paul ask of Graeme and Clive?
He wants a backrub
He wants a piggyback ride from Clive
He needs a ride
He needs some cash
19. When they stop at a gas station what is Paul’s request?
Reese’s Pieces
20. What does Paul do to a bird after reviving it?
eats it
pets it
gives it to Clive as a gift
releases it
21. What is the name of the crazy religious girl that joins the guys?
22. What does Paul do to change her mind about Ruth's beliefs?
He gives her a logical counterpoint to her beliefs
He punches her until she agrees with him
He transfers his knowledge of the universe to her, telepathically
He disrobes
23. Secret agents almost capture the group at one point. How do they get away?
Paul uses his powers to make all four of them invisible
Paul’s appearance causes a panic and they escape in the ensuing chaos
Ruth pulls off some really impressive driving
A kid, who saw Paul in a comic book shop, randomly returns and kicks one of the agents in the nuts.
24. Before they reach their destination, where does Paul want to stop?
He wants to see the farm girl whose farm he landed on all those years ago
He wants to go to target
He wants to grab a burger
He wants to go to Six Flags
25. What is the name of that girl, who is now all grown up?

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