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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E18: Lucky
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1. Leslie tries on outfits for her interview with Lucky Wood. What is written on the seat of a pair of leather pants she wears?
Party Girl
2. Prior to the episode, what is the longest amount of time Ann and Tom had gone without breaking up?
96 hours
47 hours
5 hours
16 hours
3. Ben receives word that Lucky Wood can't stay for the interview, as he has to fly back to Indianapolis to cover a:
Factory explosion
Petting zoo lice outbreak
Mulch yard fire
Carnival quarantine
4. In his oral exam, what does Andy find very cool about Susan B. Anthony?
Her influence on useless currency
Where and when she was born
That she split time between shortstop and center field
That she wrote the original draft for the first Terminator movie
5. So that she can observe Jerry stuffing envelopes like a envelope stuffing machine, Donna ends up blowing off a romantic evening with a large:
Ultimate fighters
Sanitation worker
City bus driver
6. Leslie complains about how less fun the campaign has made Ben. "It's like dealing with a strict _________ who I am confusingly...attracted to."
School principal
7. When drunk Ann begins a practice interview with drunk Leslie, Ann uses this type of accent:
8. April spies Chris sitting alone at the bar in the restaurant, where he is reading from a book about a woman without arms or legs who aspires to:
Scale Mount Everest
Swim the English Channel
Become a lumberjack
Win the Iditarod
9. With the interview not going well for Leslie, observers know she is about to snap when they see her:
Facial tick
Nostrils flair
Neck vein throbbing
Crazy eyes
10. Leslie's attempt to flee the interview is thwarted when a wire catches on:
A chair
The camera
A metal detector
11. Buddy states that the sheep that watch his show are going to eat up the interview like this dessert:
Butterscotch pudding
Creme brulee
12. Andy's professor turns down Chris's invitation to join him:
Land kayaking
Bungee skiing
Indoor mountain biking
13. The professor turns down Chris's invitation, but propositions Ron right after he suggests going to get after-dinner:
Pork chops
14. "That's so sweet - I've never had a boyfriend threaten to commit _______ for me before":
Grand theft auto
Aggravated assault
Grand larceny
15. Donna finally interrupts Jerry after he has worked stuffing envelopes until:
2:30 am
4:00 am
11:50 pm
6:00 am
16. To observe their new relationship milestone, Tom presents Ann with a gift of:
Edible underwear
His and hers matching silk robes

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