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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: The Cartridge Family
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Fast kicking, low scoring and ties? You bet! You’ll see all your favourite soccer stars including all of the following except:
This match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth!
Mexico or Portugal
Spain or Argentina
Uruguay or the Netherlands
France or Chile
Pele is at the soccer game. What is he hawking?
Crestfield Wax Paper
Clearex Household Wipes
McGregor Mattresses
Happy Brand Kitchen Blenders
Mayor Quimby declares mob rule, but if anyone tries to break into the Simpson house, Homer’s burglar alarm will let us know. All you have to do is watch:
the cookie
the fish
the hairbrush
Marge’s purse
Intruders could enter your home any of the following ways, but which was not mentioned by the nice friendly salesman from Ex-Con?
down the chimney
under the garage door
through the mail slot
hidden in the groceries
The deadliest gun at the Blood, Bath & Beyond is located in aisle six, next to what?
the hippie-themed shooting targets
the framed copies of the Second Amendment
the camouflage baby clothes
the sympathy cards
How long is the waiting period for Homer’s gun?
three days
four days
five days
seven days
During the waiting period, all of the following go past Homer’s front yard, except:
a Target delivery truck
Patty and Selma on a tandem bike
a family of ducks
Flanders riding a golf cart
Homer is limited to three hands or less, because of all of the following reasons except:
he was arrested for attempted murder
he has been in a mental institution
he has had frequent problems with alcohol
he beat up former President Bush
What would life be like if Homer robbed the Kwik-E-Mart? It would feature all of the following except:
Homer and Marge living in a mansion
Homer and Marge having a butler named Jeeves
Homer being elected to the Senate
Marge dancing in a pink bikini
Homer promises Marge to get rid of the gun, so he hides it. What are the odds that Bart would look in the... ?
laundry basket
napkin drawer
cupboard with the cleaning products
vegetable crisper
Furious with Homer for not getting rid of the gun, Marge takes the kids over to Patty and Selma’s – but they have a gentleman caller. What is his occupation?
pizza deliverer
census worker
TV repairman
What does Moe bring to the Homer-hosted NRA meeting?
irregular Oreos
leftover soup from the homeless kitchen
some potato salad he found on the street
Duff Patriot – it tastes like crap, but it’s American
Marge takes the kids to spend the night at the Sleep-Easy Motel. What do Bart and Lisa name the vibrating beds?
Funky and Nasty
Smelly and Spotty
Dirty and Sweaty
Stinky and Stanky
Homer finally gets rid of the gun, but Marge finds that it suits her. She keeps the gun and walks off to the theme tune of:
the Avengers
Wonder Woman
Foxy Brown
Charlie’s Angels

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