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How Well Do You Know: Who's That Guest Star? Friends Edition
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1. During a blackout, Chandler gets trapped in an ATM vestibule with a famous model. The model, playing herself, is...
Tyra Banks
Heidi Klum
Janice Dickenson
Jill Goodacre
2. During a trip to the hospital, Monica and Rachel strike up a rapport with two very handsome doctors. The two actors played the same characters they play on the popular hospital drama...
General Hospital
Chicago Hope
Northern Exposure
3. After Joey moves out, Chandler finds a new roommate, who turns out to be much crazier than anyone could have anticipated. Chandler's crazy roommate Eddie was played by...
Adam Goldberg
Ben Stiller
Larry David
Mike Myers
4. While visiting a movie set, Monica and Chandler fight for the affection of a movie star, whose attention tears their friendship apart. The action star, playing himself, is...
Sylvester Stallone
Jean Claude Van Damme
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
5. On that same movie set Chandler runs into a classmate whom he had humiliated, earning her the title Susie Underpants. She gets her revenge, though, and she is played by...
Demi Moore
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Michelle Pfeiffer
6. Monica and Rachel are not the only one's trying to sleep with a celebrity. When Ross makes his "freebie" list he leaves off one European beauty, whom he ends up running into. The actress, who plays herself, is...
Isabella Rossellini
Juliette Binoche
Catherine Denueve
Helen Mirren
7. Monica tries to date normal guys, but ends up being wooed by a billionaire, played by...
Vince Vaughan
Christian Slater
Tom Hanks
Jon Favreau
8. As the closest thing the group has to a celebrity, Joey finds himself being stalked by an obsessed fan, who thinks that Joey actually is Dr. Drake Ramoray. The stalker is played by...
Winona Ryder
Brooke Shields
Meg Ryan
Cameron Diaz
9. Ross doesn't date billionaires, stalkers, or movie stars, but he does go on a few dates with a co-worker who turns out to be way, way too messy. She is played by...
Rebecca Romijn
Uma Thurman
Geena Davis
Sharon Stone
10. Joey has never been the brightest bulb in the box, but he became an expert on everything that starts with the letter "v" when he buys a single volume of an encyclopedia. The encyclopedia salesman is played by...
Jim Gaffigan
Mitch Hedburg
Penn Jillette
Tim Allen
11. We see relatives of the characters pop up occasionally. Which of these beautiful actresses does not play a relative of one of the Friends?
Cameron Diaz
Reese Witherspoon
Denise Richards
Christina Applegate
12. Rachel runs into a sorority sister, whom she claims to have kissed one drunken night. However, her sorority sister seems to have no memory of the night. She is played by...
Drew Barrymore
Joey Lauren Adams
Winona Ryder
Leslie Mann
13. After growing up as a homeless orphan, Phoebe finally meets her biological father, played by...
Christopher Guest
Eugene Levy
Fred Willard
Bob Balaban
14. Joey gets an audition in front of a very prestigious director, and discovers that his acting is at its best when he really has to pee. The director is played by...
Bill Pullman
Jeff Goldblum
Dennis Quaid
Samuel L. Jackson
15. During one memorable Thanksgiving, Ross's high school friend Will comes to visit. It is revealed that he and Ross had started an I Hate Rachel Green club and spread the rumor that Rachel had been born with a penis. Will is played by...
Matt Damon
Vince Vaughan
Brad Pitt
Greg Kinnear
16. While Chandler is in Oklahoma, one of his co-workers tries to seduce him. She is played by...
Selma Blair
Linda Cardellini
Claire Danes
Anna Paquin
17. Phoebe dates a lot of guys during the run of the show. Which of these actors never played a character who dates Phoebe?
Sean Penn
Rob Lowe
Charlie Sheen
Alec Baldwin
18. Monica and Rachel throw Phoebe a bachelorette party, but forget to hire a stripper. They find one at the last minute, but he turns how to not be what they expected. He is played by...
Anthony Anderson
Liam Neeson
Dustin Diamond
Danny Devito
19. Rachel and Ross are trying to find a nanny for Emma, and one candidate is perfect, except that he's guy. Their manny is played by...
Eddie Murphy
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Matt Damon
20. Joey is asked to return to Days of Our Lives, where he will be replacing one of the most popular female cast members. Apparently her character's brain will be transplanted into Drake Ramoray's body. She is played by...
Susan Sarandon
Annette Benning
Lily Tomlin
Emma Thompson
21. Monica and Chandler are trying to find a sperm donor so that Monica can have a baby. Chandler finds the perfect candidate and brings him over for dinner. He is played by...
George Clooney
Tom Cruise
John Stamos
Edward Norton
22. Ross has to give a grant proposal to one of Charlie's ex-boyfriends, and it turns out that he wants her back. Charlie's ex is played by...
Jack Nicholson
Ray Romano
Christian Slater
Greg Kinnear
23. After showing up to a movie set smelling terrible, Joey tries to take a shower in the dressing room of one of the film's stars. That star, playing himself, is...
Al Pacino
Charlton Heston
Robert Deniro
Gary Oldman
24. Monica and Chandler decide to adopt a baby, and find a young woman who agrees to give them hers. She is played by
Anna Faris
Anne Hathaway
Anna Paquin
Mia Wasikowska
25. We'll end with someone who wasn't a star at the time, but has gone on to be quite famous since his bit part on Friends. When Rachel is en route to Ross's wedding in England, she tells her story to the man sitting next to her, who berates her for being selfish. He is played by...
Stephen Fry
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Laurie
Jim Broadbent

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