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How Well Do You Know: The Descendants
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1. As usual, George Clooney is playing George Clooney in The Descendants but just to see if you are paying attention, what is his character's name?
Kai Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Matt King
Mike King
By way of explanation.....
The Mitchells are married "friends" while Mike King is someone I just made up.
2. The start of the movie features the only shot of Matt's wife wherein she isn't in a hospital bed. While the accident isn't shown on camera, what do we learn puts her in a coma?
Boating accident
Car accident
Water Buffalo stampede
Water skiing accident
By way of explanation.....
Elizabeth King is shown happily water skiing at the start of the film but we later learn a boating accident is the cause of her coma.
3. Youngest daughter Scottie (don't judge) is acting out a bit in the wake of her mother's tragedy. Which of these actions is she not guilty of displaying?
Creepy hospital pictures
Insincere apologies
Mean-spirited tweets to a classmate
(Waaaaay) Underage drinking
By way of explanation.....
The insincere apology is made to the classmate she sends the vicious tweets.
4. Explaining the title of the film, Matt King is a direct descendant of...
Abraham Lincoln
Brigham Young
John D. Rockefeller
King Kamehameha
By way of explanation.....
King's great-great-grandmother was Princess Margaret Ke'alohilani, one of King Kamehameha's last direct descendants.
5. These are going to sound made up but each of the following is the name of one of Matt King's cousins except...
By way of explanation.....
Milo is a person, not a cat while Six and Wink's parents must have been hippies. Gaius (Baltar) is the guy who Admiral Adama hates.
6. Don Holitzer is the favorite to win the land rights bid for Matt King's family land. What is the appeal of his candidacy?
Holitzer would sell them back 49% of the land rights.
Matt wants an outsider in charge of the land for a change.
The money would come from Hawaii and stay in Hawaii.
There are...certain documents the family would rather not see the light of days.
By way of explanation.....
Holitzer is from Kauai and earned his fortune in Silicon Valley. His nativity appeals to the other Hawaiians.
7. Blonde-haired surfer dude Troy walks over to Matt and Scottie and offers them a sincere apology. What is his transgression?
Troy's driving fatally injured Elizabeth.
Troy's inebriation forced Elizabeth to drive that day.
Troy was the other man in the relationship.
What, the hair isn't reason enough to dislike him?
By way of explanation.....
Men with crow's feet should not bleach their hair.
8. Alexandra is not in her dorm room late at night when her father arrives to retrieve her. Who/what is Alexandra doing?
Smoking Weed
9. What does Alex reveal to her father?
Her mother was cheating on him
She didn't get into college
She flunked out of school
She is pregnant
By way of explanation.....
If you want to see the actress as a pregnant teen, watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
10. Upon hearing the news of his wife's infidelity, what does Matt do?
Breaks the television
Runs over to the home where Alex saw them cheating
Runs over to the home of his wife's best friend
Slaps his daughter for lying
By way of explanation.....
What we learn from this scene is that it's hard to run in loafers.
11. Matt's father-in-law, Scott, is an angry man. Who does he punch when they laugh at an inappropriate moment?
The mailman
12. Cheater Brian Speer takes time out from his busy schedule of cuckolding George Clooney to work as a...
Pool Cleaner
Real Estate Agent
By way of explanation.....
Never buy a home from the killer in Scream. It's just common sense, people.
13. What is the final insult Matt hurls at his comatose wife before he brings his daughters in to visit her?
Daddy's Little Girl
I only asked you to marry me because you were pregnant
Mayor of Whore Island
Your diet wasn't working
By way of explanation.....
That's right. He called her a Tyler Perry movie. Now -that- is low.
14. When Matt and his daughters take a mini-vacation, they bump into Cousin Ralph at the airport. Where does he take them?
The family land
Sea World
The zoo
15. In a strange turn of events, Matt asks for parenting advice from...
Alice, the mother-in-law suffering from dementia
Brian Speer, the homewrecker
Elizabeth, the comatose wife
Sid, the stoner friend of his daughter
By way of explanation.....
Asking Sid for parenting advice is like asking Enron for financial advice.
16. What killed Sid's father?
Drunk drivers. Two of them.
Gunshot wound to the leg
Lung cancer
Water buffalo stampede
By way of explanation.....
This makes me feel guilty about the Sid joke in question 15.
17. Where does Matt see Brian Speer in person for the first time?
Eating at the hotel restaurant
Jogging at the Beach
Riding the Airport Tram
Surfing at the Beach
18. Matt's cousin Hugh (Beau Bridges) informs him that Brian Speer will...
impregnate a goat if there is money in it
lose a lot of money if they deal with Holitzer
make a lot of money if they deal with Holitzer
never understand how to play poker
By way of explanation.....
As the real estate agent for the deal, Speer will clean up in commissions if they choose Holitzer.
19. Alex: "Why would she go for him?" Matt: "Beats me. Well..."
Alcohol leads to poor judgment. Like you with Sid.
Any port in a storm, honey.
He's very articulate.
Her self-esteem was at an all-time low.
By way of explanation.....
The best part of the articulate statement is that the gentleman in question is stammering incoherently at the time.
20. How did Brian and Elizabeth meet for the first time?
eHarmony (nice product placement, jerks)
Karaoke bar
Super Bowl party
Supermarket shopping
By way of explanation.....
There is no eHarmony product placement...but they're still jerks. The Super Bowl party was hosted by the Mitchells, who were pretty lousy friends to Matt.
21. Which of the following statements is untrue?
Brian has been in Matt's bedroom
Brian loved Elizabeth
Elizabeth loved Brian
Elizabeth wanted a divorce
By way of explanation.....
Brian was in Matt's bedroom twice while Elizabeth loved Brian and wanted a divorce from Matt. For Brian, the illicit relationship was just about sex, not love.
22. What is the last thing does to Julie Speer before leaving their vacation home?
Asks her to come visit his dying wife in the hospital
Feels her up
Kisses her
Reveals the truth about the affair
23. Who is the first to defend Matt when his jerk father-in-law blames him for the boating accident and virtually everything else bad in the world?
Julie Speer
By way of explanation.....
This is quite brave considering Sid still has the black eye from the last time the old man got mad at him.
24. What does Matt finally decide to do with the land?
He flips a coin
He keeps it for the seven more years
He sells it to the Chicago group
He sells it to the Holitzer group
By way of explanation.....
The Descendants 2: Angry Cousins
25. What does Julie, Brian's wife, tell Elizabeth?
I am glad you are in pain.
I forgive you.
I hope you rot in Hell.
I will never forgive you.
By way of explanation.....
Any of these replies would have been valid. I forgive you is the most impressive.

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