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How Well Do You Know: The Help
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1. The movie takes place in this southern US state:
South Carolina
2. She goes by Skeeter, but this is the real first name of the character played by Emma Stone:
3. Skeeter gets a job at the Jackson Journal writing columns about:
Household cleaning tips
Auto repair
Weather and crop reports
4. Aibileen states that Minny Jackson helped her overcome this personal tragedy:
The amputation of her foot
The death of her father
The death of her sister
The death of her son
5. Skeeter does her best to undermine Hilly's proposed program, which Hilly has dubbed the:
Southern Responsible Cleanliness Act
Home Help Sanitation Initiative
Domestic Responsibility Policy
White Homes Separation Enterprise
6. Skeeter is suspicious about Constantine, the family maid, quitting as Skeeter's mother claims. Why is Skeeter suspicious?
Skeeter comes across a beloved object Constantine left behind
Aibileen tells Skeeter Constantine was fired
Skeeter's father leaves the room whenever the subject of Constantine is brought up
Constantine would have written Skeeter
7. Hilly fires Minny for:
Talking sass to her
Being disrespectful to Hilly's mother
Burning fried chicken
Using the indoor bathroom
8. Minny's firing coincides with this notable event in Jackson:
Race riots which burn large sections of the city
A violent, fatal storm
Aibileen also being fired
The publisher's rejection of Skeeter's book
9. This type of dessert is the vehicle for Minny's revenge upon Hilly:
10. Yule May asks Hilly for a loan. For what does Yule May need money?
A new car
Her daughter's hospital bills
To bring a relative to America
Her son's college tuition
11. Minny finds work with Celia Foote. What is notable about her Celia's living arrangements?
She lives in the black section of town
She lives outside of town
She lives in the governor's former mansion
She lives around the corner from Skeeter's newspaper
12. Hilly tries to set Skeeter up with Stuart. Stuart is not always in town, as he works:
On an oil rig
In Washington, DC as a politician
As a surveyor out west
As a traveling salesman
13. Denied a loan by her employer, Yule May steals this object from Hilly, which leads to her eventual arrest:
A diamond necklace
A vase
A ring
A gold picture frame
14. Skeeter's first date with Stuart can best be described as:
Completely romantic
Quiet but promising
Overly proper and stilted
15. During her cooking lessons with Celia, Minny describes this as "the most important invention since they put mayonnaise in a jar:"
Sliced bread
Pam cooking spray
16. Hilly attempts to hold a clothing drive at her house. Instead, several of these items end up on her lawn:
Chamber pots
TV sets
17. Minny comes to Celia's aid when:
Her husband is killed
She suffers a miscarriage
She is slapped in public by Hilly
She badly burns her hand trying to fry chicken
18. When Celia attempts to join the ladies for one of their bridge afternoons, Hilly has the other ladies:
Meet Celia outside and curse at her
Welcome Celia with mock hospitality
Call the police
19. Yule May is arrested:
When she gets off her bus
At Hilly's house
At Skeeter's house as Skeeter is interviewing her
Sitting at the counter at a diner
20. A drunk Celia makes quite a scene at a society function Hilly has organized to benefit:
Women's rights
Law enforcement
African children
The Republican party
21. We eventually learn that Constantine was fired from the Phelan household. Which led to her dismissal?
Her visiting daughter used the indoor restroom
Her visiting daughter used the wrong door
Her visiting daughter spoke disrespectfully to Skeeter's mother
Constantine left the house without permission to visit her ailing daughter
22. When the book is published, The Help shows this name as the author:
Skeeter Phelan
A and M, et al
Eugenia Phelan
23. What does Skeeter do with the $600 she receives from the publisher?
She gives most of it to Minny and Aibileen
She splits it evenly between all the maids
She uses it to move to New York
She uses it on revenge against Hilly
24. We see Hilly having this reaction when she reads The Help:
She beats her husband with the book
She screams
She laughs
She throws the book through Skeeter's window
25. When Celia's husband finds Minny on the Foote property, he is:

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