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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 2 Episode 16: Anthology of Interest I
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Good news everyone! The Professor wants to demonstrate his latest invention:
the Fing-Longer
the Gizmo-meter
the Electronium Hat
the Relative Box
Bender wants to ask the What-If Machine a question. What question does he ask?
what if Bender cared about other people?
what if Bender was 500 feet tall?
what if Bender fell in love with a female Bender?
what if Bender tried to kill all humans?
Fry meets 500 foot Bender, and a montage of their developing friendship follows, including clips of all these things except:
Bender and Fry playing hide and seek
Bender and Fry spitting on cars
Bender and Fry playing Frisbee
Bender and Fry eating a spaghetti dinner
Which head-in-a-jar band is brutally crushed by the 500 foot tall Bender?
Kris Kross
the Backstreet Boys
Zoidberg is tricked by:
a guinea pig
a turtle
a goldfish
a penguin
Of the following New York landmarks, which is crushed by mega-sized Zoidberg?
Tavern on the Green
the Neo-Guggenheim
the Apollo Theatre
the Central Park Zoo penguin exhibit
In the second What-If scenario, Leela asks what would happen if she were a little more impulsive, like Fry, who spontaneously:
tears off his clothes to run through the poison oak patch
tongue-kisses the next homeless person he sees
eats cereal off his head
asks Bender to give him a tattoo
The Professor needs an heir – someone to spend his vast riches and look after his man-eating:
koala bears
Zoidberg has mail order degrees in:
murderology and murderography
murderonomy and murdernomics
murderology and murderonomy
murdernomics and murderography
Leela goes on a murder spree, and Zoidberg hosts a meeting with the surviving Planet Express staff. Who is not one of them?
Where did Leela hide Amy’s body?
the crawlspace
the deep-freezer
the grandfather clock
the garbage disposal
The third What-If scenario involves Fry not coming to the future, causing a disruption in space-time. He is captured by the Vice-Presidential Action Rangers who beat him with:
walking sticks
tennis rackets
The Vice Presidential Action Rangers is a group of top nerds whose sole duty it is to prevent disruptions in the space-time continuum. Who is not a Vice Presidential Action Ranger?
Nichelle Nichols
Stephen Hawking
Natalie Portman
Deep Blue
What does Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons & Dragons, offer Fry to fight off drunken robots?
his +1 crossbow
his +1 mace
his +1 axe
his ring of magic missiles
The entire Universe was destroyed, and I can tell you where the Vice-Presidential Action Rangers are not – the Universe! What level Vice-President is Al Gore?
10th level
12th level
18th level
36th level

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