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How Well Do You Know: James Bond Movie Trivia: The First 20 Bond Films
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1. Which of the following was the first car driven by James Bond on screen in a movie?
Aston Martin
Sunbeam Alpine
2. Lois Maxwell became synonymous with the eternally put-upon Moneypenny. However, she wasn't the first choice of the role. Originally cast as Moneypenny was this actress who went on to play Bond's girlfriend Syliva Trench in Dr. No and From Russia with Love:
Ursula Andress
Eunice Gayson
Daniela Bianchi
Honor Blackman
3. Originating the role of Bond's American counterpart Felix Leiter, Jack Lord went on to star in this US television series:
I Spy
The Invaders
Hawaii Five-0
The Saint
4. Shooting locations for Goldfinger included each of the following, except for:
5. The underrated Bond film Thunderball was remade under this title:
For Your Eyes Only
Live and Let Die
Casino Royale
Never Say Never Again
6. In You Only Live Twice, Bond doesn't drive his customary Aston Martin, but rather a convertible:
7. At the time of filming, which actress was the oldest to appear as a Bond girl?
Diana Rigg
Honor Blackman
Daniela Bianchi
Ursula Andress
8. Diana Rigg played the woman who finally, if briefly, made an honest man of Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Rigg was also a regular on which spy-themed TV series?
The Avengers
Get Smart
Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Saint
9. Which of the following actresses were considered for the role of Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever?
Raquel Welch
Jane Fonda
Faye Dunaway
All of the above
10. Meanwhile, which of the following actors were offered the role of bond in Diamonds Are Forever?
Burt Reynolds
John Gavin
Adam West
All of the above
11. If you're a fan of Live and Let Die, then you will have noted the absence of which regular of the series in that film:
Felix Leiter
12. The prolific Christopher Lee played villainous Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun, but not before this actor was offered the role:
Burt Reynolds
Patrick Macnee
Jack Palance
Timothy Dalton
13. The woman behind Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me, Barabara Bach is married in real life to:
Pierce Brosnan
Paul McCartney
Timothy Dalton
Ringo Starr
14. Who can forget Lois Chiles as Dr. Goodhead in Moonraker? Chiles had also been offered the lead in this other Bond film, though she declined the offer:
Diamonds Are Forever
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
15. This Bond series notable was set to appear in For Your Eyes Only, but died he could film his scenes:
George Lazenby
Bernard Lee
Christopher Lee
Desmond Llewelyn
16. In Octopussy (1983), the title role, eventually filled by Maude Adams, was originally intended for:
Kristina Wayborn
Brigitte Bardot
Faye Dunaway
Cassandra Harris
17. The 1962 silver Rolls Royce driven by Bond in A View to a Kill was actually owned by which person associated with the film?
Albert R. Broccoli
Roger Moore
Patrick Macnee
Christopher Walken
18. The Living Daylights (1987) marked another changing of the guard. Before Timothy Dalton was eventually chosen to play James, which of the following were also considered for the role?
Sam Neill
Mel Gibson
Sean Bean
All of the above
19. The original title of the film that was released as License to Kill was:
License to Die
Licence Revoked
To Get a Licence to Kill
Your Licence to Kill is Revoked, Bond
20. Who was originally offered the chance to sing the theme song for 1995's Goldeneye?
The Beach Boys
The Rolling Stones
Shirley Bassey
21. In Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Bond's BMW sports which license plate number?
22. The World Is Not Enough is not only the name of the 19th film in the series, it is also:
The name of Bond's vacation retreat
The name of the production company founded by Bond film producer Cubby Broccoli
Bond's family motto
The name of Ian Fleming's vacation
23. Die Another Day gave Halle Berry to put her considerable stamp on the role of Jinx. Which other notable actress was also considered for the part?
Alicia Keys
Kim Basinger
Salma Hayek
Whitney Houston
24. For only the second time in the series, Die Another Day gives viewers a glimpse inside James Bond's office. The only other time we see the office was in:
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Dr. No
Live and Let Die
License to Kill
25. Let's close on an easy one. After Desmond Llewelyn left the role of Q, the mantle was picked up by this actor:
Emilio Echevarría
Michael Madsen
Michael G. Wilson
John Cleese

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