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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S03E11: Measures
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1. Who goes to collect Dickie from the prison when he is released?
2. What does Tim think "would be cool" to find in the cooler that Errol brings to the prison?
A human hand
A human head
A human heart
A human foot
3. What phrase does Art use to describe his reason for wanting to go out with Raylan?
"Feel the heat"
"Feel the beat"
"Feel the power"
"Feel the pulse"
4. What does Quarles use to beat one of the drug dealers to death?
His fists
A scabbard for a samurai sword
A big stick
An ashtray
5. According to Ellen May, where does Limehouse keep his money?
Buried under a church
Buried under a bridge
Buried under a gravestone
In a series of high-yield accounts
6. What piece of anatomy does Quarles' boss carry around with him, according to the men from Detroit?
7. What word does the landlady of the dead drug dealers use to describe Quarles when talking to Boyd?
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanations: Though she actually means that he looked like a Husky dog, rather than that he was a large guy
8. Where does Art shoot the Detroit thug who is holding a knife to Donovan's (the rent boy) throat?
The arm
The leg
The gut
The head
9. How much does Quarle's boss offer Wynn Duffy to kill Quarles?
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanations: He also offers him $200,000 if he brings him in alive
10. What does Boyd use to knock out Quarles?
A tazer
A blackjack
A bottle

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