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How Well Do You Know: New Jack City
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1. Who is the star of the film?
Samuel L. Jackson
Wesley Snipes
Denzel Washington
Richard Pryor
2. Who plays the crackhead who goes to rehab in the film?
Chris Tucker
Samuel L. Jackson
Tommy Davidson
Chris Rock
3. What is the problem that Nino Brown and his girlfriend has?
She was infertile
She is caught cheating
She is going blind
She is going deaf
4. What actor plays Nino Brown's little brother in the film?
Morris Chestnut
Chris Rock
Allen Payne
Shamar Moore
5. What movie does Nino Brown quote frequently during New Jack City?
The Godfather
The Lion King
Boyz N the Hood
6. Which R&B star sings at the wedding?
R. Kelly
Marvin Gaye
Mariah Carey
Keith Sweat
7. What drug does Nino Brown sell?
Crack cocaine
Angel dust
He doesn't sell drugs
8. When Nino Brown tries angel dust for the first time, what does he do afterwards?
Robs a store
Kills a teacher
Visits his girlfriend
9. What does Nino Brown use as a shield during a shooting?
A little boy
A little girl
10. Who kills Nino Brown's brother?
11. What line does Keshia say when she commits a murder?
"Rock-a-Bye Baby"
"Die, mother f#$@er"
"How you like that, bitch"
She doesnt say anything
12. What line does the old man scream before he opens fire?
Nino!! See you in hell!!!
You killed my daughter!!!!
You killed my son!!!
13. What happens to Nino at the end of the movie?
He goes to prison
He is found "not guilty"
He is killed
He changes his life around
14. How many kids do Nino have?
15. At the beginning of the movie, how does Nino and his partners commit murder?
He shoots a guy in head
He drowns man in river
He stabs a man to death
He drops a guy off a bridge
16. When the cops find Pookie dead, what does he look like?
Bloody and attached to a bomb
Shot in the chest
A crackpipe in his left hand
Like someone who hung himself
17. What rapper plays the role of the cop who goes under cover and befriends Nino?
Master P
Ice Cube
Snoop Dogg
18. What are Nino and his partners doing when the old man walks in?
Beating a woman up
Having a meeting
Watching Scarface
Giving money to kids
19. How do the Thugs figure out Pookie is helping the police?
They see him walking out the Police Station
The find a camera on his belt buckle
They check his phone
He tells the Thugs himself
20. In what state does the movie take place?
New York
New Jersey

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