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How Well Do You Know: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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Couple of mistakes. Kirk and Bones were the ones arrested for the murder or Gorkon(Kirk and Scotty were marked as the answer). Also, while the Romulan Ale was one of a couple of factors with the dinner question, Kirk and Chang did not get into any kind of fight apard from the final showdown.
M1KEL0VESMOVIES 4/3/12 4:29 pm


1. Hey! Look who got a promotion! One cast member is enjoying a cup of coffee on the Excelsior when they make their first Captain's Log. Who is it? Hint: the person is a social media superstar.
The fat one in the girdle...Kirk!
The one with the pointy ears and finger trick....Spock!
The African American woman who had to kiss Kirk in that one episode...Uhura!
Hikaru Sulu, FB superstar
By way of explanation.....
Okay, we started you with an easy one. Your Trekker outrage is noted.
2. Hey, who are the bad guys in the final film from the original cast?
By way of explanation.....
Again with the Klingons? Poor Worf.
3. What's the awful, terrible, tragic thing that happens at the start of the movie?
The Klingon moon, Praxis, blows up.
Remus blows up, which causes Shinzon, Picard's clone, to go nuts.
The Vulcan homeworld gets destroyed (including Winona Ryder).
Sulu drinks decaf.
By way of explanation.....
Planets, moons and homeworlds sure blow up a lot in the allegedly idyllic Star Trek universe.
4. Klingons can't do anything the normal way. What do they do with the United Federation of Planets?
Ally with them to annihilate the Romulans
Sue for Peace
Take hostages to negotiate for peace
Give them back Kirk, girdle, toupee and all.
By way of explanation.....
Klingons lawyering up? How low has the Star Trek universe sunk?
5. There is an old Vulcan proverb:
"If the enemy dies, a piece of you dies with them."
"Math and science may take you only so far in life."
"Only Nixon could go to China."
"A bald head is better than a bad toupee."
By way of explanation.....
Is there a book of Vulcan proverbs available at Amazon?
6. Hey, that new Vulcan lady who seems destined to hook up with Spock...I know her from somewhere. What's the name of that show she is on after this?
Sex and the City
By way of explanation.....
Kim Cattrall doesn't make anywhere near as many sex jokes on Star Trek.
7. Ever the diplomat, Kirk is offered a few options for the survival of the Klingons. Which one does he argue to Spock?
Banish them to Cardassia.
Let them die.
Throw them into the nearest sun.
Warp them to Hell.
By way of explanation.....
Kirk is kind of a jerk.
8. Okay, here's the first real nerd (I mean Trekker) test of the quiz. What's the name of the Klingon villain played by industry legend Christopher Plummer?
9. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Several Klingons board the Enterprise and try to use utensils and napkins and everything! Unfortunately, something ruins the evening. What is it?
Captain Kirk and Chang exchange punches
Captain Kirk and Chang make out
Nothing tastes like chicken
Romulan Ale
By way of explanation.....
I maintain that #2 would have made for a funny scene.
10. "In space, all warriors..."
"are cold warriors."
"cry for vengeance."
"miss their mommies."
"thirst for zero-g blood."
By way of explanation.....
It's nice that they give David Warner one good line before they kill him.
11. All circumstantial evidence shows that the Enterprise...
fires torpedoes at the Klingon battlecruiser
is in league with Chang to assassinate Gorkon
is responsible for the explosion on Praxis
triggers the auto-destruct sequence on the Klingon battlecruiser
By way of explanation.....
The Enterprise is later exonerated. Denny Crane would have gotten them off anyway.
12. Two crew members wind up charged with the assassination of Gorkon. Who are they?
Kirk and McCoy
Kirk and Scotty
Kirk and Spock
Spock and McCoy
13. Where are people sentenced to life banished to?
The fire world Rura Penthe
The ice world Rura Penthe
The water world Rura Penthe
Terok Nor, which has no elemental ties
By way of explanation.....
Placing Kirk on an ice world is a blatant attempt to keep Tubby in layers as much as possible.
14. David Bowie's wife, Iman, co-stars in the film as Martia, who can do tricks. What is her special skill?
Boosting a fat captain's self-esteem
Controlling the weather, a valued skill on an ice world.
Mathematical computations even Spock cannot manage.
Shapeshifting, which is pointless for someone who looks like a supermodel anyway
By way of explanation.....
Iman and David Bowie are still married as of publication date, which means her step-son directed Moon.
15. There are three people who betray allies in this film. Which of these is not one?
Chang (Christopher Plummer)
Lt. Valeris (Kim Cattrall)
Martia (Iman)
President of the Federation (Kurtwood Smith)
By way of explanation.....
That guy from That 70s Show does nothing to his peers. Chang betrays Gorkon, Martia betrays Kirk and Valeris betrays Spock.
16. Life lessons from the Star Trek universe: "Not everybody..."
with gills can swim.
wearing a coat is warm.
keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain.
likes the sound of their own voice like you, Captain.
By way of explanation.....
Just like Kirk to kick an alien in the nards.
17. In addition to several actors who were either famous at the time or would become so later, there is one strange (and utterly out of place) cameo in the film. Who is it?
Christian Slater
Kevin Costner
Kim Basinger
Martin Sheen
By way of explanation.....
Slater is an avowed Trek fan who manipulated his way into the film.
18. While Kirk is away, the Enterprise crew thinks they have found the perpetrator who committed the murders. What's the problem?
The alien's feet are clearly too big for the boot in question
The alien's too small for the space suit worn by the criminal.
The alien has too many arms for the space suit worn by the criminal.
Christian Slater is too much of a wuss to kill anybody.
By way of explanation.....
While answer #1 is technically correct, #4 is probably accurate as well.
19. For all of her alleged abilities in linguistics, Uhura still hasn't mastered...
Whatever the Hell Scotty is saying
20. When Kirk returns to the Enterprise, why is he mad?
Have you ever tried the meat on a Klingon moon?
Have you ever drank the water on a Klingon moon?
He was rescued too soon, before the identities of the conspirators were revealed.
They have 300 people on the crew and none of them is a decent lawyer
By way of explanation.....
Whaa! My crew is too competent! You know, Kirk, some people in life have real problems.
21. Spock announces that Kirk and Bones have returned but that they are still in Sickbay, presumably vulnerable and easily murdered. Who arrives to finish the job?
Chang (Christopher Plummer)
Martia (Iman)
Valeris (Kim Cattrall)
Sulu (don't act so've heard the stories)
By way of explanation.....
If Cattrall hadn't been the bad guy in this, maybe she would have stayed on Star Trek and thus the world saved the indignity of Sex and the City.
22. How does Spock get the truth out of Valeria?
In love with him, she confesses.
In order to save her own skin, she confesses.
No woman can resist the passion of a Vulcan mind-meld.
We'll keep this PG, but let's just say that there is bad touch involved.
By way of explanation.....
Is an angry Vulcan mind-meld bad touch? If so, we should give partial credit for option 4.
23. There are a *lot* of traitors in this movie. Which of these groups does not betray their allegiances?
Starfleet Federation
By way of explanation.....
That's right. We had to include a group that wasn't in the movie since everybody else has at least one person turn turncoat.
24. As far as ultimate weapons go, the Klingons have a pretty good one. What is it?
A planet-icing torpedo
A planet-glassing torpedo
A spaceship that can fire torpedoes while cloaked
A spaceship detonating bomb.
By way of explanation.....
Sure, a cloaked Bird of Prey capable of weapons fire is good but it's no match for a Starship uniform that is elastic enough for Captain Kirk.
25. What are soon-to-be-very-very-dead villain Chang's final words?
Klingons will yet enslave Starfleet!
Mother space, your love for me is pure.
Romulan ale, anyone?
To be or not to be?
By way of explanation.....
The Shakespeare stuff in the movie is pretty great.

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