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How Well Do You Know: Archer, Season 3 Recap
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1. "Heart of Archness, Part I": This much time has passed since the events in season 2, when Barry did all that stuff:
3 days
3 months
3 weeks
3 years
2. "Heart of Archness, Part I": The plane that he and Rip Riley are in crashes, Archer sets personal records for breath holding and:
Octupusses kicked in the nuts
Enemy submarines destroyed by sheer awesomeness
Electric eels beheaded with this bare hands
Sharks shot in the face
3. "Heart of Archness, Part II": First Mate Noah informs Pirate King Archer that morale is low among the pirates because:
He's hogging all the women on the island to himself
They were all loyal to the previous Pirate King
They haven't been paid
Archer keeps slapping everyone
4. "Heart of Archness, Part II": Leader of the insurrection among the pirates is named:
Sterling - I mean, what are the chances?
5. "Heart of Archness, Part III:" The password Cyril can't remember so that he can unembezzle all the ISIS funds is:
6. "Heart of Archness, Part III": As the ISIS team flies away from the pirate island, they take fire from:
Bikini-clad women
Lacrosse team
7. "The Man from Jupiter": Sterling meets his idol Burt Reynolds (Burt Reynolds!), and really, really wants him to make a sequel to which of his movies?
Lucky Lady
White Lightning
8. "The Man from Jupiter": Malory gives Sterling a notice that there's a Cuban hit squad in town to take him out. The notice is a week old. Why does he get it so late?
Because of Archer's elaborate voice-mail prank
Because he wouldn't accept Malory's collect calls
Because Malory was making out with Burt Reynolds when the notice came in
Because she had a new case of 80 year old scotch to work her way through first
9. "El Contador": Malory decides to subject the ISIS staff to drug tests. Krieger sells this as a way to subvert the results:
Fake urine
A device that delivers not-so-mild electric shocks
Herbal tea
10. "El Contador": Archer and Lana are captured by a drug lord. Meanwhile, Cyril bluffs his way into the villain's organization by posing as the accountant for the drug lord's boss, who goes by the name:
The Tiger
The Constrictor
The Warlord
The Shadow
11. "The Limited": ISIS transports a Canadian radical espousing __________ separatism:
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward's Island
12. "The Limited": What type of cat figures prominently into the episode?
Snow leopard
13. "Drift Problem": "How much did _______ kick in?"

"Not as much as you'd think."

Birthday boy Archer gets (for a time) a bitchin' spy car made by:
By way of explanation.....
Dodge Challenger
14. "Drift Problem": Which member of the ISIS gang has an in with the Yakuza drift racing scene?
15. "Lo Scandalo": "Unless it was the sexy old person bondage sex police, why would anyone break in" to Malory's apartment and shoot dead the ambassador from:
Vatican City
16. "Lo Scandalo": Malory's relationship with her building's super is complicated by the fact that she tipped him with:
A potato
Pre-loved lingerie
Chop sticks
A car air freshener
17. "Bloody Ferlin": Archer, Ray and Cheryl arrive in West Virginia, where they find Ray's brother, whose front yard:
Is guarded by pit bulls
Is littered by old cars and TVs
Is encircled by barbed wire
Is laced with land mines
18. "Bloody Ferlin": Archer: "I'm pretty furious about not getting to bang Janelle. Plus, I want to unleash the power of:"
Sexual aggression
Northern justice
Hillbilly vengeance
19. "Crossing Over": What foodstuffs figure into the events which lead to Archer and Pam having sex?
Popcorn and vodka
Chicken and waffles
Energy drinks and spaghetti and meatballs
Milk and cookies
20. "Crossing Over": We learn from a KGB sleeper that Barry has been feeding Jakov bad intel and that Barry has an incredible master plan. Unfortunately, this ISIS agent blows the sleeper's head off before we can learn details of said master plan:
21. "Skin Game": Archer's main concern when he brings cyborg-Katya to ISIS is:
Having her W9 filled out
That she be protected from Barry
That they have sex somewhere that Lana will find them
That he personally be allowed to debrief her
22. "Skin Game"": A very special part of Katya is special in the way that it:
Heats up
Smells like new car smell
Produces music
23. "Space Race: Part I": Who vomits, repeatedly, on the Vomit Comet?
24. "Space Race: Part I": Cyril crashes the flight simulator, thanks, in small part, to Archer and:
A fire extinguisher
A smoke grenade
Pam's head
An M4 rifle
25. "Space Race: Part II": Archer and company first break free from their confinement by having:
Ray fake a stroke
Lana beat up Cyril
Lana strip topless
Archer bribe the guard
26. "Space Race: Part II": The ISIS gang argues over this literary work as they try to retake the space station:
Treasure Island
Huck Finn
A Tale of Two Cities
Animal Farm

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