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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 2 Episode 14: Mother’s Day
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What information will Morbo’s race find very useful indeed?
humans have easily injured knees
the planet’s defences are vulnerable to proton torpedoes
the politicians of Earth are weak and divided
without protection, alien species may be susceptible to common earth bacteria
It’s Mother’s Day, and Bender has found for his mother the most adorable little figurine of:
pigs in hula skirts
lambs knitting scarves
mice having tea
a duck mariachi band
He’s also bought a talking gift card that recites a poem. What word rhymes with Mommy?
But jerkwad robots make Mom sick to her ass. How are they disposing of the crap gifts they bought her?
converted into fuel pods for her Terminator robots
crushed into powder and sold as a hocus pocus cure for cancer
used to taunt small children in Mom’s petting zoo
compressed into green squares and fed to Fourth World orphans
And the retch-inducing Mother’s Day cards are recycled into what grade of toilet tissue?
gas station-grade
Mom has a secret universal robot controller that sends commands to all the robots. The commands include all of the following except:
Tidy Up World
Give Gifts
Do The Robot
Serve Man (Ironic)
The robots all rebel, and Hermes is attacked by his own:
laser printer
office chair
pencil sharpener
The Planet Express crew are forced to live without gadgets. If their fire goes out, they’ll steal it from:
Pottery Barn
Old Navy
Barnes & Noble
Pier One
Mom hasn’t seen that magnificent stallion Professor Farnsworth since the day he left. But if she ever sees him again, she’ll:
jam a squirrel in him
shove a raccoon in him
pack a hamster in him
stuff a hedgehog in him
Flash-back to when Professor Farnsworth was a research at Mom’s Friendly Robot Company and he had just invented a new children’s toy called:
Amanda Fluffykins
Snuffy O’Wigglesworth
Q. T. McWhiskers
Tammy Tinkle Doll
Who is Morbo’s Vermin of the Week?
the third-graders at PS 139
the National Spelling Bee Committee
the First Amalgamated Church Women’s Baking Committee
the Girl Scouts of America
The robot revolt turns violent. What does Bender loot from the Natural History Museum?
Charles Darwin’s skeleton
a Moai statue
a giant emerald
a T-Rex skull
The fate of the world depends on Professor Farnsworth getting to _____________ with Mom.
first base
second base
third base
home plate
The professor and Mom’s foreplay involves shouting all of the following at each other, except:
Stink pig
Damned she-fossil
Warty shrivelled old harpy
Filthy, toothless nerd bastard!
Professor Farnsworth wants to shout his love from the rooftops. Perhaps he’ll invent some kind of:
high-pitched screeching monkey
giant croaking bullfrog
albino shouting gorilla
colossal shrieking cicada

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