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How Well Do You Know: Witness
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1. What is the first scene in Witness?
A busy train station
An Amish funeral procession
Detectives interrogating a suspect
Amish children playing
2. What is Rachel Lapp's father-in-law's first name?
3. When Book is hurt and driving away from the farmhouse, what does he run into with his car?
A plow
A scarecrow
A birdhouse
A tree
4. What illegal activity was Lieutenant McFee involved in?
Taking bribes from a drug dealer
Counterfeiting $20 bills
The theft of confiscated narcotics
A prostitution ring
5. Where does Book get ambushed and shot at?
Apartment parking garage
Outside his sister's house
His office
Train station platform
6. Which of the following events happens FIRST?
Barn raising
Det. Carter is killed
Book beats up ice-cream hooligans
Samuel finds Book's gun
7. Which of the following events happens LAST?
Barn raising
Det. Carter is killed
Book beats up ice-cream hooligans
Samuel finds Book's gun
8. Where are Rachel and Samuel headed, before their plans are derailed at the train station?
New York
9. What classic song do Book and Rachel dance to in the barn?
Wonderful World, by Sam Cooke
It Had to be You, by Frank Sinatra
Unforgettable, by Nat King Cole
Johnny B. Goode, by Chuck Berry
10. In the picture in the display case at the station, what was Lieutenant McFee being honored for?
A youth project
A drug bust
Saving a woman's life
Volunteering at a church
11. Where does Rachel hide the bullets for Book's gun?
On top of the fridge
Underneath the fridge
In a cookie jar
In a flour jar
12. What division does John Book work for in the police department?
Internal affairs
13. After Rachel learns that Book will be leaving soon, she does what before running outside to kiss him?
Buttons her coat
Removes her bonnet
Looks in a mirror
Grabs his gun
14. How long does Book spend recovering in bed from his wounds until he wakes up?
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
15. What do the Amish people always seem to be drinking?
Iced tea
Apple juice
16. What does Book treat Rachel and Samuel to for lunch while in Philadelphia?
Hot dogs
Grilled cheese
17. Rachel says that, according to Elaine, when Book drinks a lot of beer he says things like 'none of the other police know a crook from _____' what?
A crab
Their left hand
Toothpicks and a fork
A bag of elbows
18. How does Lieutenant McFee die?
Shot to death
He doesn't
Drowned by corn in a silo
Hit by a car
19. What is the final shot of the movie, prior to the end credits?
Samuel waves goodbye
Book drives away in his car
Daniel and Rachel sit on the porch
Book and Rachel look at each other on the porch
20. Witness won two Academy Awards. One was for Best Original Screenplay. What was the second one for?
Original Score
Art Direction

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