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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, Season 1 Recap
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1. "Winter Is Coming": Ned Stark insists on personally executing a ranger who had deserted. Why?
The boy was a family friend
He holds that the man who passes the sentence should execute it
The boy was a Lannister
He suspects the boy was infected by White Walkers
2. "Winter Is Coming": The Starks come across a slain direwolf and ultimately adopt the pups. Whose idea was this?
Jon Snow's
3. "Winter Is Coming": At her wedding to Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen receives a gift of:
Ornate hair brushes
A saddle
An archery set
Dragon eggs
4. "The Kingsroad": Before leaving for the Wall, Jon Snow gives his sister Arya a gift of:
A falcon
A sword
A broach
A map
5. "The Kingsroad": The assassin's strike against the crippled Bran coincides with which event taking place at Winterfell?
Horses being slaughtered
The Stark family guard being ambushed
Winterfell being invaded by wildings
A fire being set
6. "The Kingsroad": A boy runs afoul of Prince Joffrey walking by a river with Sansa. Arya and her direwolf intervene, but by the end of the episode, the boy is dead. He is the son of the:
7. "Lord Snow": Supposedly arriving in secret at King's Landing, Catelyn is brought to _____________ to see Littlefinger:
A brothel
The dungeon
The throne room
A smokehouse
8. "Lord Snow": From whom does Catelyn learn that the dagger used by the assassin belongs to Tyrion?
Jamie Lannister
9. "Lord Snow": The advisory council that Ned joins at King's Landing is called:
The Watch Council
The Small Council
The Prime Council
The Wary Council
10. "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things": Who shows Bran schematics for a saddle that will allow him to ride a horse?
11. "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things": Ned learns that the last words of Jon Arryn, the previous Hand of the King, were:
The Wall will tumble
Blonde treachery remains
The seed is strong
Enemies abound
12. "The Wolf and the Lion": The Mountain is not a good sport. After he loses at a joust, he beheads:
A horse
A squire
Another knight
A pig
13. "The Wolf and the Lion": With regard to his union with Cersei, Robert states that this has held their marriage together:
14. "The Wolf and the Lion": The fight between Ned and Jamie Lannister comes to an abrupt end when Ned is speared through:
The hip
The leg
The shoulder
The hand
15. "A Golden Crown": Having watched the death of her brother Viserys, Daenerys states: "He was no __________. Fire cannot kill a ________."
16. "A Golden Crown": Ned realizes that Joffrey is not the legitimate heir to Robert's throne because of the boy's:
Eye color
Hair color
17. "You Win or You Die": The episode and the series both get their name from a comment Cersei makes to Ned: "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." Which of the following completes the quote?
Once you begin the game, you cannot stop
There is no middle ground
Most die
It is best not to play
18. "You Win or You Die": Her death having been ordered by Robert, Daenerys is nearly killed by a _______ merchant:
19. "You Win or You Die": At the Wall, Jon Snow's direwolf fetches a severed hand which portends further trouble. What is the name of the direwolf?
20. "The Pointy End": Who comes to visit the incarcerated Ned at the beginning of the episode?
His daughter Arya
His daughter Sansa
21. "The Pointy End": How does Jon Snow kill a re-animated former ranger?
With water
By beheading
With fire
With sunlight
22. "Baelor": Catelyn negotiates - at some cost to her family - passage across a bridge named:
The Run
The Twins
The Gates
The Door
23. "Baelor": Which of the following was present for Ned's execution, but did not witness it first-hand?
His young daughter Arya
His older daughter Sansa
24. "Fire and Blood": How does Daenerys kill the catatonic Khal Drogo?
By poisoning him
By cutting his throat
By smothering him
With a golden crown
25. "Fire and Blood": His circle proclaims Robb:
Rightful heir of the realm
Sword of Vengeance
King of the North
Marshal of the Western Vanguard

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