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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E17: Campaign Shake-Up
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1. The Perd Hapley show featured on the episode is "___________ with Perd".
The Final Word
The Fist Word
The Word I Heard
The Hard Word
2. Carl Reiner guest stars in the episode as Ned Jones. Ned is the president of the:
Pawnee Grey Alliance
Pawnee Seniors United
Pawnee Citizens and Old Person Federation
Old Pawnee Citizens First
3. The top three complaints of Pawnee senior citizens include the following, except for:
Everything hurts
Damn kids on my lawn
Not enough ramps
I'm dying
4. Chris puts Ron in a pickle, which makes him recall, as a child, having to choose:
Which of his brother to send to the coal mine
Whether to grow a mustache or a beard
Which of his pet calves to slaughter
Which grandparent to dig out from the blizzard
5. According to Leslie, what is/are a young man's game?
6. Leslie reminds Ned Jones of his brother, also named Leslie, who lost __________ in a motorcycle accident
Both legs and an arm
His ability to keep from constantly swearing
His faith in the government
The middle third of his body
7. "That's the most impressive thing I've ever seen," is how Leslie appraises a photo of Jennifer Barkley:
Playing basketball with Al Gore
Eating egg salad with Colin Powell
Arm wrestling Hillary Clinton
Watching Total Recall with Madeline Albright
8. What's quirk do Pawneeans have toward water fountains?
They put their mouths over the entire spout
They spit on the spout before drinking
They bring their own water fountains with them
They rub the spout down with grain alcohol before drinking
9. Leslie's celebrity sex list consists of this politician:
Joe Biden
Newt Gingrich
Andrew Cuomo
Barack Obama
10. Bobby Newport's idea to provide a lift for every staircase in Pawnee is called:
Rise Above Pawnee
Elevate Yourself Pawnee
Rise Up Pawnee
Lift Yourself Higher Pawnee
11. Chris gets a kamikaze water-ballooning thanks to:
12. Leslie's ramp idea is trashed in the Pawnee paper as:
"Ramp Tramp"
"Ramp to Nowhere"
"T-Ramp Stamp"
"Dead End Ramp"
13. Ron: "This is a rare example of when __________ is a bad thing."
Wasting a full day of work
Departmental ineptitude
Ineffective government work
Gross negligence and inefficiency
14. Jennifer Barkley buys the diner:
A Belgium waffle maker
A build-your-own omelet station
A neon sign
A cappuccino machine
15. Who does Ron appoint to take on some of Leslie's responsibilities at the end of the episode?

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