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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Flaming Moe's
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Wow, infotainment! The opening credits for Eye on Springfield feature all of the following except:
the Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlour
Larry’s Chinese Theatre
the Rusty Barnacle
Springfield Downs dog track
Lisa is having a sleepover, and the girls are playing Truth or Dare. Susan is dared to:
kiss Bart
steal Homer’s underwear
call Ralph Wiggum and tell him she likes him
eat a booger
Why does Homer punch Bart in the arm?
because Homer tricked Bart into seeing his magic circle
because it is the first of the month
because Bart spoke while he was jinxed
because Homer saw a Volkswagen out the window
Tired of the sleepover, Homer goes to Moe’s only to find Moe is out of beer. Never mind, Homer remembers a drink made from all the little bits left in the liquor bottles, as well as:
cough syrup
vanilla essence
rubbing alcohol
Of the following, which is not to be found in Moe’s lost-and-found box?
a Bowie knife
a troll doll
a glass eye
a dead turtle
Thanks to Moe’s invention, the Flaming Moe, Moe’s Tavern is packed with customers all drinking Flaming Moes. What new feature of Moe’s tavern really works?
the beer hose
the mechanical bull
the prophylactic machine
the sneeze-guard
The next time you use a gas chromatograph, who should you remember to thank?
A. J. P. Martin
Hermann Staudinger
Glenn T. Seaborg
Vincent du Vigneaud
Moe convinces Aerosmith to go up on stage by offering free pickled eggs. What song do they sing?
Sweet Emotions
Dream On
Walk This Way
Love in an Elevator
In the picture above, what is the name of the man answering the telephone?
Seymour Butz
Mike Rotch
Hugh Jass
Oliver Klozoff
What does Steven Tyler score on the Love Tester?
Hot Tamale
Number One Stud
Totally Pimp
According to the gas chromatograph, what is the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe?
ear wax
Moe claims that the Flaming Moe dates back to his forefathers, who were bartenders to who?
the Pope
the Czar
the Dauphin
the Kaiser
These books behind Lionel Hutz don't just make the office look good – they are full of useful legal tidbits such as the:
Shirley Temple case of ‘75
Harvey Wallbanger case of ‘78
Tom Collins case of ‘74
Buck’s Fizz case of ‘81
Homer claims to be the Magical Man from Happy-Land. Where does he live?
a cotton candy house on Licorice Avenue
a marshmallow house on Caramel Road
a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane
a jelly bean house on Gummi Bear Drive
Which member of Aerosmith is subjected to a seduction by Mrs Krabappel?
Tom Hamilton
Joe Perry
Joey Kramer
Brad Whitford

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