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How Well Do You Know: Runaway Jury
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1. What southern US city does the movie take place in?
New Orleans, LA
Memphis, TN
Charlotte, NC
Jackson, MS
2. Where was Jacob Wood killed?
At a convenience store during a hold up
At home
At work by a disgruntle employee
In the parking garage during a car jacking
3. What role does Gene Hackman play in the film?
A gun lobbyist
The defense attorney
A employee of Vicksburg firearms
A jury consultant
4. Rankin Fitch tells his crew, "we love _____ people... they're unsympathetic."
War veterans
Fat women
Rich ladies
Old men
5. Nick tells the judge he can't be on the jury, because he's got important plans. What does Nick say he would rather be doing?
Playing in a poker championship
Selling on Ebay
Playing a video game tournament
Watching the World cup
6. Nick suggest Herman Grimes should be the jury foreman. The other jurors are skeptical because Herman is:
In a wheel chair
Missing his arms
7. What does Nick's girlfriend tell Rankin and Wendell to call her?
8. Nick proves to Rankin and Wendell that he can get the jury to do whatever he says. How does he get the jury to show how patriotic they are?
Reciting the pledge of allegiance
Singing the Star Spangled Banner
Singing America the Beautiful
By wearing flag pins
9. Who exactly is the widow of Jacob Wood suing?
The killer
The gun show where the gun was purchased
The gun company
His office building
10. Nick gets a fellow jury member kicked off the jury by exposing what?
She's taking pictures
She has liquor on her
She has a cell phone
She has marijuana
11. Where in Nick's apartment does Rankin's man find Nick's computer disk?
In a ceiling tile
In the TV set
Behind the walls
In the floor boards
12. Rankin set one of his cronies to ransack Nick's apartment. What does the man do to Nick's apartment right before he leaves?
Flooded it
Booby trap it
Set off smoke bombs and pull the fire alarm
Set it on fire
13. A second jury member is bumped. Why?
She is attacked by a member of the defense team
She breaks the rules and the judge kicked her off
She tries to commit suicide
She just comes up missing
14. Frank Herrerra has been suspicious of Nick and his motives all along. What is Frank job occupation before becoming a jury member?
Marine sergeant
State trooper
Navy seal
Correction officer
15. Nick seems to be constantly distracted while in the jury box by something he's holding. What is Nick constantly staring at?
A notebook
His pocket watch
A Polaroid picture
A ring he wears
16. It is discovered Nick and Marlee actually have a motivation towards winning the trial. Whose death are they trying to avenge?
Nick's brother
Nick's mother
Marlee's sister
Their best friend from school
17. What state did Nick and Marlee live where the initial shooting took place?
18. When Rankin asks Nick, "How did you turned the jury?" Nick says, "I didn't, I just let them:"
Vote with their hearts
Use common sense
Vote with their conscience
See what you couldn't see
19. Marlee and Nick tell Rankin he has to _____, or they'll show the IRS that he gave them money.
Agree not to appeal the case
Turn himself in
Keep quiet about what really happened
20. What do Marlee and Nick plan to do with the money they got from Rankin?
Donate it to victims of gun violence
Keep it themselves
Donate it to the families in their home town
Use it to keep fighting more gun cases

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