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How Well Do You Know: A Time to Kill
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1. What is little Tonya doing when Billy Ray and Pete come across her?
Playing on the playground
Picking strawberries
Carrying groceries
Walking home from school
2. What piece of evidence is found in the back of Billy Ray's truck?
Some of Tonya's hair
Tonya's panties
Tonya's shirt
Tonya's shoe
3. Pete thinks it's okay that Ozzie is sheriff, even if he is a man. What makes Ozzie so special?
He has been on TV
He's ruthless
He's rich
He went to a fancy college
4. Carl Lee knows to come to Jake, because they have a prior connection. How does Jake know Carl Lee?
Jake's daughter is friends with little Tonya
Jake defended Carl's brother
Jake and Carl Lee grew up together
He got Carl Lee his job at the mill
5. Jake's best friend is a slick, slime-ball attorney that specializes in what type of law?
Personal injury
6. Jake asks for a change of venue regarding Carl Lee. What state is Carl Lee being prosecuted in?
7. How much does Jake tell Carl Lee a trial like his will cost?
8. How Deputy Looney injured in the gun fire?
He loses his arm
He is shot in the stomach
His knee is blown off
He is paralyzed
9. Who plays both sides by being sneaky and joining the Klan in secret?
A lawyer
A deputy
A jury member
A courthouse clerk
10. One of the Klansmen has a good heart, and always warns the other side of the Klan's evil intentions. He goes by the name of the tattoo on his arm. What does he call himself?
Mickey Mouse
Mighty Mouse
Woody Woodpecker
Bugs Bunny
11. Due to her injuries, poor little Tonya has this permanent affliction:
She has nerve damage
She's blind in one eye
She now walks with a limp
She can never have children
12. Ellen tells Jake that she plans to dedicate her life doing what?
Fighting for civil rights
Fighting for gun control
Stopping the death penalty
Ending racism
13. Father and son Kiefer and Donald Sutherland both appear in the movie. What character does Donald play?
A psychologist
Jake's mentor
Ethel's husband
The judge
14. Sheriff Ozzie is alerted by Mickey Mouse that a man is about to do what?
Plant a bomb in Jake's house
Start Jake's house on fire
Shoot and kill Jake
Murder Jake's family
15. A riot breaks outside the courthouse, and the Klan's Grand Dragon is killed. How does he die?
He is shot
He is beaten to death
He is set on fire
He is stabbed
16. How is Jake injured in the riot outside the court house?
He is shot in the arm
He is hit over the head
He is stabbed in the side
His leg is sliced
17. After Jake's house is burned to the ground, he sits in the pile of rubble screaming. What does he scream over and over?
His dog's name
His wife and daughter's names
Why why why
Oh Lord
18. Harry Rex warns Jake about several consequence of continuing the case. Which is not one of the consequences Harry warns about?
Jake putting everyone's life at stake
Jake's career being ruined
Jake's having an affair
Jake's ending up dead
19. Ellen gets advice on how to obtain information to discredit the prosecutor's case. In fact, she is told she should do it the _____ way.
Jake Brigance
Harry Rex
Lucien Wilbanks
Rufus Buckley
20. Why does Jake's secretary hold such resentment towards Jake, when he takes the Carl Lee case?
Because her home was set on fire
Because her car was fire bombed
Because her husband was killed
Because her daughter was threatened
21. Outside the court house, who blocks the shot meant for Jake?
A civilian
An police officer
A court clerk
A national guard
22. Freddie Lee Cobb attacks and kidnaps Ellen. How does he plan on her dying?
By suffocation
By being eaten by animals
By bleeding to death
By hanging
23. Jake is unaware that the psychologist he calls as a witness has a previous record. What was the psychologist arrested for years ago?
Drunk and disorderly
Lewd conduct
Drug possession
Statutory rape
24. Why does Carl Lee say he choose Jake to be his lawyer?
Because Jake is one of the good guys
Because Jake has a little girl too
Because Jake is one of the bad guys
Because Jake is his friend
25. What does Carl Lee say to Jake will never happen after the trial is over?
Their daughters will play together
That Jake will invite him over his house
That Jake will start mingling with black people
That racism will start changing in Mississippi

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