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How Well Do You Know: Jackie Brown
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1. What does Ordell do for a living?
Sells drugs
Buys and sells stolen goods
Sell guns
He's a hitman
2. The bails bonds man goes by the name of Max _____.
3. When Jackie arrives at the airport, the agents are already there waiting for her. What are they looking for in her bag?
4. Complete Odell's phrase: "_____ - when you absolutely positivity have to kill every mother f**ker in the room. Accept no substitutes."
Tech 9
5. Which famous comedian plays the very unlucky Beaumont?
Mike Epps
Chris Tucker
Kevin Hart
Chris Rock
6. Where does Ordell kill Beaumont?
In the trunk of a car
In a stairwell
In a garbage dumpster
In the cab of a truck
7. What does Jackie steal from Max's car while he is giving her a lift home?
Keys to his store
His taser
His gun
8. Jackie pulls a gun on Ordell and foils his plans to kill her. How does Ordell try to kill Jackie?
He points a gun at her
By strangulation
He plans to hit her over the head
He puts a knife to her throat
9. Jackie confesses to Max that her greatest fear in life is:
Pissing off Ordell
Going to jail
Ending up alone
Starting over
10. Max goes out and buys a cassette tape because it reminds him of Jackie. What is the name of the group on the tape?
The Delfonics
The Chi-lites
The Spinners
11. Ordell explains to Louis, "You can never trust Melanie, but you always trust Melanie to _____."
Be a liar
Be untrustworthy
Be Melanie
Be trusting
12. Where does Jackie set up the undercover sting?
At a park
At the movies
In a restaurant
At the mall
13. Melanie says to Louis,"$hit I'm impressed", when she asked him what he went to jail for. What is the reason Louis went to jail?
He was a jewel thief
He robbed a bank
He embezzled from a company
He held a woman for ransom
14. What happened to the ten thousand dollars from the trial run?
The cops took it
Ordell got it
Simone stole it
Jackie stole it
15. Which actor, also known for playing Batman, played the ATF agent in the film Jackie Brown?
Michael Keaton
George Clooney
Val Kilmer
Christian Bale
16. Where is the location of the second exchange of money?
The bath room
A dressing room
The parking garage
The food court
17. Jackie's signal to Max to pick up the money is, "somebody left _____ in the dressing room."
Their bag
A coat
Some towels
Their hat
18. Ordell says that while the money exchange is going down, he's going to be _____.
At the titty bar
Waiting at home
At Sheronda's house
Watching from a safe distance
19. Louis shoots and kills Melanie over a fight about what?
Who gets to hold the bag
Melaine taking some money
Melanie being too slow
Where they parked
20. Jackie tricks Ordell into thinking the money is in the bag by filling the bag with what?
Play money
21. Ordell is furious that Louis killed Melanie. Ordell says she was his:
Sweet beach beauty
Beautiful blonde baby
Little blonde haired surfer girl
Hot white chocolate
22. What does that big mandingo Winston do?
Works for the police
He is business partners with Max
Beats people up
Finds people who don't want to be found
23. Max and Jackie are able to set up Ordell by convincing Ordell that Jackie's scared. What do they tell Ordell Jackie is afraid of?
Being named as an accessory
Going back to jail
Him killing her
24. Who shoots and kills Ordell Robbie?
25. After Jackie collects her money, where does she say she's going to move to?

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