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How Well Do You Know: Mermaids
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1. What does Charlotte call her mother?
Ms. Flax
2. Why does Ms. Flax decided to up and move at the beginning of the movie?
She lost her job
She got caught dating a married man
Charlotte's teachers wanted to have a meeting about Charlotte
Her boss was going to take his wife on a trip instead of her
3. Charlotte and her sister Kate are disappointed to leave ____ to move to Massachusetts.
4. Ms. Flax only fixes and serves _____ to eat.
5. Charlotte has a memento from her father and refuses to get rid of it. What does she insist on constantly wearing that he gave her?
A sweater
A jacket
A scarf
6. Ms. Flax meets and enchants Lou, who owns what kind of business?
A shoe store
A furniture store
A bait shop
A handy man repair shop
7. As well as being neighbors to the local hunk Joe, Charlotte discovers Joe also does what?
Coaches at her school
Works for Lou
Drives the school bus
Work with her mom
8. Joe invites Charlotte to do what on a date?
Go swimming
Go fishing
Go for a hike
Have a picnic
9. Ms. Flax infuriates Charlotte when she announces Charlotte wants to become what?
A missionary
A judge
A dictator
A nun
10. In describing her ex-husband's departure, Ms.Flax says she was most angry about what?
That he stole her car
That he left her when she was in labor
That he cleaned out her bank account
That he took the furniture
11. On Halloween we see that Ms. Flax isn't all bad. What does she give the kids out for treats?
Candy bars
12. Ms. Flax talks about Kate's dad who was heading to the Olympics for what event?
13. Besides owning a shoe store, what does Lou do as a serious hobby?
14. What headline news-making event takes place during the movie?
JFK is killed
Man lands on the moon
JFK is elected president
Bobby Kennedy is killed
15. What is the reason why Charlotte thinks she's pregnant with Joe's baby?
Joe got to third base with her
They had sex
They kissed
Joe touched her breast
16. Charlotte runs away and invites herself into certain people's home. What does she tell them her name is?
Bell Rell
Sal Val
Jess Bess
Rita Vita
17. Charlotte continues to lie about her life. What does she tell the family that her father does for a living?
He's the king of Iceland
He owns a diamond mine
He builds rocket ships
He works for the President
18. What is the rumor going around town concerning Joe?
He got a girl pregnant.
He's going to become a priest
He cheated on his girlfriend
That he is a thief
19. Lou asks Ms. Flax if Charlotte has ever done anything really strange before. What does she say Charlotte had done?
She tried to baptize herself in a public fountain
She dyed her face and hair blue
She licked the chalk board in school
She ate nothing but lima beans for 3 weeks
20. Ms. Flax is very angry that Lou made her children a themed bedroom. What kind of room did he make them?
A jungle room
An outer space room
A garden room
A underwater room
21. In the film Mermaids, where is a mermaid referenced?
Kate dresses as one for Halloween
Ms. Flax becomes one for a New Year's party
Lou refers to Ms. Flax and her daughters as mermaids
Kate's swim team is called Mermaids
22. What does Charlotte's mom do that infuriates her and causes her to act out?
She kisses Joe
She breaks up with Lou
She sleeps with Joe
She kisses one of Charlotte's teachers
23. While Charlotte is "busy" with Joe, Kate is almost killed. What is Kate doing when she got hurt?
Picking flowers
Climbing a tree
Wading in the water
Collecting rocks
24. Charlotte and Mrs. Flax have a falling out in the kitchen. What does Ms. Flax say to make Charlotte start breaking dishes?
She forbids her to see Joe again
She says they are going to move again
She calls Charlotte a lousy sister
She calls Charlotte a slut
25. After the incident with Joe, Charlotte is no longer interested in becoming a nun. What is she interested in at the end of the film?
Sculpting clay
Greek mythology
Chinese philosophy

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