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How Well Do You Know: Moneyball
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1. The film begins with the A's losing the 2001 ALDS elimination game to the:
White Sox
Red Sox
2. Billy Beane faces an offseason in which he loses three key players. Which of the following is not among them?
Jason Giambi
Miguel Tejada
Johnny Damon
Jason Isringhausen
3. In an example of the conventional wisdom Billy tries to jettison, one of his advisers knock a prospective player because:
He doesn't have a dog
His baseball card doesn't fetch much on the market
He has a weird goatee
He has an ugly girlfriend
4. Billy meets Peter Brand when he visits his counterpart for which team?
Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Indians
Toronto Blue Jays
Florida Marlins
5. After the meeting between the GMs, Billy seeks Peter out:
In the parking garage
In his cubicle
In the elevator lobby
In the cafeteria
6. The job with the Indians is Peter's first job anywhere. He went to school at _________ to study ________:
Dartmouth / architecture
Georgetown / computer science
Cornell / American naval history
Yale / economics
7. Billy calls Pete late at night and asks him a question. After Pete answers, Billy offers him a job. What is the question Billy asks?
Would you have re-signed Jason Giambi?
Would you have drafted me in the first round?
How do you define greatness?
How many wins can we get with our payroll?
8. The changing of the team guard in Oakland is reflected in a clip in which:
Programs from the previous season are shredded
Sod is removed and then replaced on the field
Banners are cut down
Name tags are removed from lockers
9. Billy and Peter consider a pitcher Chad Bradford who is overlooked my most teams because:
He never listens to his catcher
He throws funny
He can't field
He is old
10. The initial meeting in the film between Billy and Art Howe concerns:
The team not matching an offer for Johnny Damon
The possibility that the team will be relocated
Art's friendship with the lead scout, who Billy despises
Art's contract
11. The general relationship between Art and Billy throughout the film can best be described as:
12. Billy's advisers don't like Jason Giambi's brother. What is the knock on Jeremy Giambi?
He has off-the-field troubles
He is coming off shoulder surgery
He can't hit a curve ball
He doesn't respect authority
13. Scott Hatteberg is clearly the single most important player in the storied history of the Oakland A's. Where does Billy visit Scott to offer him a contract?
At Scott's house
At Scott's agent's house
In Billy's office
In the parking lot of a supermarket
14. "It's incredibly hard." The plan to bring Scott onboard is contingent on teaching the former catcher how to play:
Left field
Third base
First base
15. Billy takes his teenage daughter out to buy:
A video camera
A guitar
Her first pair of earrings
A puppy
16. In a flashback montage, we see Billy washing out through several levels of baseball. Do we see him playing for the A's?
Yes, at the beginning, as the A's were the team that drafted him
Yes, in the middle
Yes, at the end of the montage
By way of explanation.....
The final team Billy played for was the A's
17. David Justice confronts the financial constraints the team operates under when he finds, to his amazement, that:
Players have to buy their own uniforms
Players have to pay for sodas from the vending machine
Some of the players have second jobs
Players have to "pay" for complimentary team tickets
18. Billy follows the game action on Opening Day by:
Having Peter text him play-by-play
Sitting in the stands
Watching from the tunnel
Listening to the game on the radio as he drives around town
19. Billy is irked to find a jovial atmosphere in the locker room while the team is mired in a losing streak. Which player is dancing on a chair when Billy comes in?
Carlos Pena
Jeremy Giambi
Scott Hatteberg
Chad Bradford
20. Billy trades Carlos Pena. Which of the following is not true?
Soda was part of the deal
Pena reacts furiously to the news
Billy initiates the trade to force Art Howe's hand
Billy has Peter inform Pena
21. A scene set just before the trade deadline shows Billy madly working the phones to acquire a premiere:
Right fielder
Starting pitcher
Set-up man
22. On the game in which the A's try to set the all-time winning streak record, where is Billy when he learns that the team is up 11-0 early in the game?
In an electronics store
In his truck
At the airport
In the tunnel to the field
23. Who do the A's play on the game in which they try to set the winning streak record?
Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers
Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago White Sox
24. Despite their remarkable late-season run, the A's season ends again with a loss in the ALDS. Who brought Oakland's season to an end in 2002?
The Yankees, again
The Orioles
The Angels
The Twins
25. The film ends with Billy considering but ultimately rejecting a job with the:
Red Sox
Blue Jays

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