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How Well Do You Know: Frosty the Snowman
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Frosty the Snowman

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1. What was the first line of the program?
I suppose it all started with the snow
Here's a story about the world's favorite snowman....
If you have the holiday blues, here's a story that will cheer you up
There is a tale about a certain Christmas miracle...
2. Which singer/comedian provided the narration for the program?
Will Rogers
Andy Williams
Jimmy Durante
Sammy Davis, Jr
3. What was the evil magician's name?
Garmini the Great
Professor Hinkle
Monstra the Magnificent
Penn Gillette
4. The magician botches a trick attempting to pull a rabbit out of his hat. What does he put in the hat?
5. What was the rabbit's name?
6. What was the name of the little girl who befriended and accompanied Frosty?
7. As he came to life, what were Frosty's first words?
Merry Christmas
Hi, how are ya?
Happy Birthday
Well how about that?
8. Frosty voiced his concern over high temperatures, saying, "and when I start to melt:"
You'd better have some paper towels ready
I get all wishy washy
You'll need a mop and a freezer to get me back together again
It's not a pretty sight
9. Where did Frosty and Karen try to go, so that the snowman would never melt?
The North Pole
Santa's workshop
10. What civic official did Frosty and the children meet as they paraded through the town to the train station?
A fireman
A policeman
The mayor
The city planner
11. What was the fare for the train ticket Frosty and the little girl tried to buy?
12. Hocus-pocus made several suggestions as to who should help frosty and Karen. Which of the following was not among them?
The marines
The President of the United States
13. Frosty met his temporary doom as he and Karen sought refuge in what type of structure?
A firehouse
A groundskeeper's shack
A chapel
14. Santa's reasoning that Frosty would return
The hat was magic
He was a jolly old soul
He was made of Christmas snow
He had never sinned
15. How many times did Frosty come to life when the hat was put on his head?

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