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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E15: Dave Returns
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1. Tom rattles off a list of nicknames he has for Ann. The list includes each of the following, except for:
Boo-boo Bear
Winnie the Boo
Tushie Smush
Cookie Tush
2. At his first meeting with Chief Trumple in the episode, a stammering Ben makes an allusion to this film:
Dead Poet's Society
The Hangover
The Last of the Mohicans
3. Andy compares music to:
A rampaging elephant
A flesh eating virus
A ravenous panda bear
4. Dave was going to have a frozen burrito from a gas station, but ends up dining with Leslie and Ben because:
Ben invites him
Leslie invites him
Both Ben and Leslie invite him at the same time
He invites himself
5. "Oooh, Double Endorsement - that sounds like a _________ movie!"
Ashley Judd
Samuel L. Jackson
Justin Long
Quentin Tarantino
6. "I'm sorry, but you're too hot to hide." A comment from this staff person makes Ann realize that, contrary to her wishes, Tom has told everyone about them:
7. Dave reveals that he still has feelings for Leslie while Ben visits:
Wee-wee Village
Urine Town
Whiz Palace
The Pottie-palooza
8. Dave estimates the number of bad guys he's caught in San Diego at about:
A baker's dozen, if that's 17
Two per day, twice a week
9. April cites a crazy rock star vibe as she smashes this item that has Duke Silver's likeness:
A mirror
A clock
A shot glass
A mug
10. For his audition that isn't really an audition, Chris badly mangles this well-known tune:
America the Beautiful
Take Me Out to Ball Game
The theme song from The Flintstones
11. Dave gets some time alone with Leslie while Ben is:
Settling the bill
Handcuffed to the toilet
Knocked out in the bathroom
Standing outside in the rain
12. Dave doesn't think much of Ben as a match for Leslie, as Ben is sort of:
13. As Jerry is about to make the connection between Duke Silver and Ron, April distracts him by:
Flashing him
Clanging cymbals
Tripping him
Setting of a fire alarm
14. Which of the following is a lyric that follows "Catch your dreams"?
And make sweet love to them
Lock them in the Basement of Hope
You'll find they're mine, too
And shackle them to your heart!
15. To Tom, these are the four sweetest words in the English language:
OK, I give up
You wore me down
I won't press charges
I have no alternative

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