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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S03E06: When The Guns Come Out
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1. How many men show up to steal the Oxycontin (and murder some folks) at the start of the episode?
2. What tropical location is Raylan looking at when Mabel Johnston comes in and asks him why he is using her computer?
Rio De Janeiro
Costa Rica
3. When Boyd and Ava go to see Limehouse to ask him about the raid on their Oxy supply, he tells them that the young girl who was murdered was named...
4. Whose house was Boyd using as a location from which to sell Oxy?
Mags Bennett's
5. When Raylan arrives at the Oxy trailer, he describes it as like a circus, then proceeds to ask the proprietor/murderer if he is what kind of circus attraction?
A bearded lady
A clown
An elephant
A trapeze artist
6. What does the Oxy dealer say was the cause of his noticeable limp?
Old baseball injury
Old swimming injury
Old football injury
It's not a real limp: he's a professional Dickie Bennett impersonator
7. Due to the speed with which Raylan found Quarles' Oxy trailer, Quarles comes to believe that Raylan must be...
An addict
A damn fine Marshal
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation: Since Quarles didn't know that there were any survivors from the raid on Boyd's Oxy clinic, he deduced that Raylan must have found out through some underhanded connections
8. When Limehouse confronts his underling for trying to start a war between Boyd and Frankfort, he says that their people have been able to survive for how many decades by never getting directly involved with the other criminals in Harlan?
9. Who did Winona go to stay with?
Her mother
Her sister
Her aunt
Her cousin
10. Raylan says that Winona's computer is full of music by which country singer?
Merle Haggard
Garth Brooks
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban

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