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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Colonel Homer
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The Simpsons are going to the Googolplex Cinema! What movie is not playing?
Honey, I Hit The School Bus
Ernest Cuts the Cheese
Look Who’s Oinking
Homer gives away the ending to The Stockholm Affair. What is it?
The mole is the guy who’s going to marry his daughter
The secret code was the same nursery rhyme he told his daughter
The defector has been brainwashed with orders to assassinate the President
The spy is actually the spy who was assigned to catch the spy in the first place
Homer gets upset that Marge is upset with him and takes a long drive. What does he not drive past?
a sulfur mine
the County Dump
Skunk Forest Nature Reserve, with all the roadkill that implies
open sewers for the next 40 miles
Homer goes to a new bar, and is greatly affected by the singing talents of the waitress, Lurleen Lumpkin, who is voiced by:
Christie Brinkley
Beverly D’Angelo
Madeline Kahn
Elizabeth Shue
Lurleen sings one of her own songs, “Your Wife Don’t Understand You, But I Do”. Homer relates to all of it, except for the part about:
getting kicked out of his trailer
his dog leaving him
the pick-up truck
coal mining
At Moe’s, Homer tries to order a Fudd, just like at the Beer-n-Brawl, but Moe thinks they took it off the market after what?
the Great Diarrhea Outbreak of ‘87
people found out the secret ingredient was cat
all those hillbillies went blind
it was mocked in those Budweiser commercials for having no taste
Where does Lurleen live?
Spittle County
Roadkill County
Barefoot County
Moonshine County
Homer can’t get Lurleen’s song out of his mind. He hasn’t felt this way since which song?
We Built This City (by Starship)
Goose Bumps (by Christie Allen)
Hot Blooded (by Foreigner)
Funky Town (by Lipps Inc)
Of the following, which is not one of Lurleen’s songs?
I’m Basting a Turkey With My Tears
I’ve Been Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart
I’m Sick Of Your Lying Lips and False Teeth
Don’t Look Up My Dress Unless You Mean It
Marge is standing in the way of Homer’s boyhood dream of managing a beautiful country singer. What does Marge claim was Homer’s boyhood dream?
seeing Steve Nicks naked
being a contestant on The Gong Show
eating the world’s biggest hoagie
living in the wilderness, while keeping a journal of his thoughts
Homer takes Lurleen to a recording session, where she plays a metaphorical song “Bagged Me A Homer”. What is not one of the lyrics?
My average was .008
I kept getting tagged sliding into third
The bases were empty on the diamond of my heart
I used to play the field
Lurleen has written a special song for Homer, which contains a hidden message that he may have missed. What’s the title?
Bunk With Me Tonight
I Think You’re Really Sexy
Kiss Me Right Here On My Lips
Park Over Next To My Trailer
Maggie cut her first tooth while Homer and Lurleen were out doing what?
being the starter for a mud bogging race
making a publicity appearance at the beer-can shooting range
participating in a celebrity moonshine run
judging a greased pig contest
Homer has gotten Lurleen a gig on Ya-Hoo!, which features all of the following performers except:
Gus the Pervert
Yodelling Zeke
Big Shirtless Rod
the Ya-Hoo! Recovering Alcoholic Jug Band
Homer sells Lurleen’s contract to Rebel Yell Records, which is a division of:
Tokasagi Corporation
Nakamoto Corporation
Ono-Sendai Corporation
Saito Corporation

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