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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 2 Episode 11: How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
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The Central Bureaucracy is conducting an inspection tomorrow. At the beginning of the episode, what grade bureaucrat is Hermes?
Leela has invited her old friends from the cryogenics lab over to play poker. Bender only plays poker with:
Fry is surpsied that Hermes is Jamaican – he thought he was some:
outer space meatloaf man
outer space sheep-dog man
outer space potato man
outer space Whoopi Goldberg man
The bureaucrat conducting the inspection is named:
Morgan Proctor
Christine Scrivener
Janet Steward
Loretta Clark
Hermes threatens suicide, and the Professor has his eye on which of Hermes’ organs?
Hermes wasn’t cut out to be a bureaucrat – he’s only anal:
59.23% of the time
64.81% of the time
78.36% of the time
83.69% of the time
As Hermes’ superior, Morgan relieves Hermes of duty and administers the ultimate penalty:
having to fill out his own cessation of employment forms
assignment to “special projects”
paid vacation
a red stamp in his permanent record
Morgan is surrounded by neat-freaks every day. She is uncontrollably attracted to a filthy slop-jock like Fry. What does she find in his locker?
a dead squirrel
yoghurt in a cap
soiled underwear
carnivorous cheese
Bender won’t be back any second because Morgan told him to:
irrigate the Professor’s colon
scrape the Professor’s tongue
fix the release valve on the Professor’s bowel
flush out the Professor’s ear wax
Bender finds out about Fry and Morgan’s affair and threatens to tell everyone who saw them doing it – until Morgan downloads his brain and sends it to the Central Bureaucracy. According to Fry, what does Bender need his brain for?
doing stuff
feeling emotions
Organising that forced labour spa has rekindled Hermes’ lifelong love for bureaucracy – it is now working so efficiently that all the physical labour is now done by:
a single Australian man
a single Japanese man
a single Mexican man
a single Canadian man
When the Planet Express crew go to the Central Bureaucracy to find Bender’s personality, they encounter what creature from Dungeons & Dragons?
a Rust Monster
a Morkoth
a Beholder
a Black Pudding
Number 1:0: “Don’t quote me regulations.”
“I delegated the responsibility for consulting with relevant stakeholders about the paper used in the book that regulation is in.”
“I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that regulation is in.”
“I participated in the working group that led the evaluation process to determine the optimal typeface of the book that regulation is in.”
“I filled out in triplicate the procurement forms to recommend hiring the publisher who printed the book that regulation is in.”
Hermes does the file sorting while singing a song. What is not one of the lyrics:
I made my friends and relations file long applications / To come to my 10th birthday party
We’d treat people like swine and make ‘em stand in line / Even if nobody paid us
Because we like to conform and enjoy filling out forms / That’s just how mighty Jah made us
When push comes to shove you gotta do what you love / Even if it’s not a good idea
What is the best kind of correct?
grammatically correct
appropriately correct
technically correct
procedurally correct

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