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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 2 Episode 10: A Clone of My Own
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Mars University has brought the Professor up on discipline charges. Everyone’s in favour of saving Hitler’s brain, but what suddenly goes too far?
putting it in a great white shark
putting it in a saltwater crocodile
putting it in a Siberian tiger
putting it in a polar bear
If the Professor’s going down, he’s taking all of these pompous frauds with him. He Professor knows all about Professor Epsilon’s Department of:
Roman Decadence Studies
Animal Sports Studies
Pool Boy Studies
Hemp Studies
Turns out it was all a surprise 150th birthday party. Hubert J. Farnsworth was born April 9th 2851 in New New York's nerdiest slum:
Poindexter Walk
Hell’s Laboratory
the Tenderbelly
Wimpson Yards
For 50 years, be worked at Mom’s Friendly Robot Company, where he created the first robot capable of:
qualifying for a boat loan
eating an entire family-size pizza
filling out a tax return
cooking a pot roast
There’s no one to take care of the Professor’s work and his research and his fabulous fortune, so he names a successor – his clone:
From where did the Professor obtain the skin cells used to begin the cloning process?
one of the hardier warts on his left thumb
one of the more colourful skin-tags on his neck
one of the larger bunions on his feet
one of the shapelier growths on his back
Where did Fry once see a genius’ weiner?
the park
the library
the head museum
Professor Farnsworth gives Cubert a tour of his inventions, including his Universal Translator, which so far only translates into an incomprehensible dead language. What is it?
Cubert doesn’t want to be an inventor. He wants to be something useful like any of the following except:
a teacher’s aide
a prison guard
a pediatric nurse
a science-fiction cartoon writer
Professor Farnsworth is actually 160. As he is lead away by the Sunset Squad robot, he says goodbye to the:
cruel rug
cruel French windows
cruel drapes
cruel bookcase
Leela identifies the location of the Near-Death Star thanks to the Professor’s Smelloscope, which picks up all of the following aromas except:
adult diapers
letters to the editor
What secret of Cubert’s does Bender reveal?
he’s a nose-picker
he has an imaginary friend
he’s afraid of the dark
he’s a bed-wetter
Disguised as the Professor, Fry has a tense moment with Near-Death Star security, but is able to explain he suffers from:
20th Century Memory Syndrome
Talking Hump Syndrome
Wriggling Buttock Syndrome
Advanced Stupidity Syndrome
The crew rescue the Professor from the Near-Death Star, and Bender tries to wake him by shocking him with all of the following except:
“Stuff costs more than it used to!”
“Young people use curse words!”
“Delinquent children are on your lawn!”
“Your social security check is late!”
Cubert decides that when he grows up, he wants to be just like the Professor. Incidentally, Cubert might want to read up on a condition known as:
wandering bladder
hyperblastic colon
lazy sphincter
wild priapism

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