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How Well Do You Know: Scrooged
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1. The movie opens on a promo for another movie called "The Night the Reindeer Died." Who is the cameo star in that movie?
Chuck Norris
Burt Reynolds
Lee Majors
Roger Moore
2. This familiar voice does the voiceover for IBC's Christmas Eve lineup promo, "Yule love it!"
Don LaFontaine
James Earl Jones
John Forsythe
William Shatner
3. Which of these stars is not announced as part of the cast for the Christmas Eve live presentation of "Scrooge"?
Mary Lou Retton
Betty White
Jamie Farr
Buddy Hackett
4. This actress appears in Scrooged as well as five other films directed by Richard Donner. She has a child by director Robert Zemeckis. Can you name her?
Wendie Malick
Karen Allen
Mary Ellen Trainor
Kate McGregor-Stewart
5. When IBC President Frank Cross fires Eliot Loudermilk, his assistant Grace pleads "But it's Christmas!" How does Frank respond?
He tells her she's fired too
He calls Eliot back, and takes Elliot's jacket
He gives Eliot a VCR as a consolation gift
He tells her to cancel Eliot's bonus
6. Frank's boss Preston brings up a university study and suggests some unusual programming. What gimmick does he offer to capture a new audience?
a cop that dangles string
a game show where death row inmates run for their lives
a third grader who wears a beeper
a mystery drama that poses new questions while never answering the old ones
7. What does Frank give to Grace in lieu of her bonus?
an IBC calendar
a new rolodex
a towel and a face cloth
a shower curtain
8. What musician can be seen as part of a starving street band in the movie?
Frank Sinatra
Paul Shaffer
Robert Goulet
Branford Marsalis
9. After talking to his brother James, Frank returns to the office. What does he leave behind in a cab?
A World's Best Boss Mug
A picture frame
A Humanitarian of the Year Award
A $100 tip
10. How did Frank's former boss, Lew Hayward, die?
A lightning strike
Poisoning, and we know who was responsible
Shot by a displeased worker
A heart attack while golfing
11. Frank's ex girlfriend Claire shows up on the set. What is her old nickname for Frank?
12. L.A. slimeball Brice Cummings wants Frank to know he's not a threat. Who taught him the phrase "There is no I in T-E-A-M"?
His dad
His tennis coach
His lacrosse coach
His kindergarten teacher
13. At lunch, Frank has a severe hallucination which leads him to douse a waiter with water. He apologizes and explains "I thought you were _____."
Michael Jackson
The Wicked Witch
Chevy Chase
Richard Pryor
14. The Ghost of Christmas Past brings Frank back to 1955 when he got five pounds of veal for Christmas. What did young Frank really want?
a cowboy hat
a rocketship
a train set
a bicycle
15. In 1968, where does Frank first talk to Claire?
On the sidewalk
At the office Christmas party
On the set of a show
Inside a taxi cab
16. What did Frank give Claire as a gift when they were living together?
The Kama Sutra
A bath towel
Fudge and French poetry
Ginsu knives
17. Herman at Operation Reach Out mistakes Frank for:
Laurence Olivier
Orson Welles
Jimmy Stewart
Richard Burton
18. According to the Ghost of Christmas Present, what's the reason behind Calvin's muteness?
He won't speak until there's world peace
He saw his father killed
Poor schools haven't taught him yet
He's never spoken a day in his life
19. Which funny lady plays the Ghost of Christmas Present?
Madeline Kahn
Carol Kane
Cyndi Lauper
Victoria Jackson
20. What game is James playing with his friends at their party?
Trivial Pursuit
20 Questions
21. The Ghost of Christmas Future shows Frank three visions. Which is the first?
Claire and her rich friends
Eliot living on the street
His own cremation
Calvin in a padded room
22. What word does Frank pick out to describe himself?
23. Who does Frank kiss in front of the cameras before he kisses Claire?
The censor
A Solid Gold Dancer
Brice Cummings
24. At the very end of the movie, Bill Murray quotes a line from one of his other movies. What is it?
"And that's a fact, Jack!"
"Feed me, Seymour, feed me!"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Nice shootin', Tex!"
"So I got that goin' for me, which is nice."
25. Who sings the song "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" over the closing credits?
Patti LaBelle & Luther Vandross
Dionne Warwick & Aaron Neville
Chrissie Hynde & Stevie Wonder
Annie Lennox & Al Green

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