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How Well Do You Know: The Outsiders
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1. Dallas shows his true colors early in the film by picking on little children. Besides chasing them, what does Dallas do to the little boys?
Throw their ball on a roof
Crush their little toy cars
Scatter their deck of cards everywhere
Pop their ball
2. What Oscar-nominated actress held her own as Cherry in this movie which was otherwise dominated by males?
Elisabeth Shue
Diane Lane
Laura Dern
Julianne Moore
3. Ponyboy explains to Cherry that Johnny's been a nervous wreck since he got beat up. What accounted for the huge cut Johnny got on his face?
A pipe
A blade
Finger nails
4. What D-list reality star and former teenage heartthrob plays the part of Bob?
David Cassidy
Scott Baio
Danny Bonaduce
Leif Garrett
5. You know what a Greaser is? White trash with greasy hair. You know what a Soc is? White trash with______ and madras.
6. Two-Bit hands Ponyboy a weapon when they get into a fight with Bob and his buddies. What does Two-bit hand Pony to fight with?
A bike chain
A broken bottle
A blade
A rock
7. Johnny confides to Ponyboy that when his parents fight, he feels like doing what?
Killing himself
Running away
Killing them
Beating his dad up
8. Johnny says there has to be some place without Greasers and Socs, with just regular people. Ponyboy says there is such a place. Where is Pony talking about ?
By the sea
The mountains
The country
The desert
9. Darry gets mad at Ponyboy for coming home at 2:00 in the morning. What was Pony's excuse for coming home so late?
He lost track of time
He was helping Johnny
He was at the movies
He feel asleep
10. Johnny saves Ponyboy from being killed by the Socs when they try:
Drowning him
Beating him to death
Stabbing him
Chocking him
11. Ponyboy and Johnny go to see Dallas to tell him about the dead Soc. Dallas gives them advice on the best way to get out of town. What does he tell them to do?
Run like hell
Hop on a freight train
Steal a car
12. Where does Dallas tell Pony and Johnny to hideout?
A warehouse
An empty house
An old barn
An empty church
13. Johnny gets Pony a book so he can read aloud from it. What book do the friends share?
Swiss Family Robinson
Huck Finn
Gone with the Wind
Treasure Island
14. Johnny really admires a poem which Pony reads by ______ about staying gold.
Robert Frost
William Shakespeare
Walt Whitman
Edgar Allan Poe
15. Pony says he can only talk about _____ with Johnny and Sodapop, and maybe Cherry. Johnny agrees saying, he never noticed ______ until Pony came along.
16. Pony continues to have recurring nightmares of how is parents died. How were Ponyboy's parents killed?
A car accident
A house fire
They were hit by a train
They were murdered
17. Dallas comes to see Johnny and Ponyboy at the Church, and tells them he lied to the police about where they were going. Where did Dallas say Pony and Johnny had run away to?
18. Dallas and Johnny laugh and make fun of Ponyboy's new disguise. What has Ponyboy done do to make him look so funny?
Cut his hair real short
Dyed his hair red
Washed all the grease out of his hair
Dyed his hair blond
19. Johnny finds himself in the hospital with life threatening injuries. What is now wrong with Johnny?
His back is broken
He's lost a limb
His neck is broken
His face is badly burned
20. Tom Cruise plays Steve who works:
At the Dairy Queen
Roofing houses with Darry
At the bar where Dallas lives
At the gas station with Sodapop
21. Two-Bit gets really excited when his favorite cartoon comes on. Which one is it? (Hint he is wearing this character on his shirt throughout the entire movie.)
Yogi Bear
Mickey Mouse
Bull Winkle
Woody Woodpecker
22. Darry is worried about leaving Ponyboy home alone after his accident. He warns Pony not to do what that day?
Leave the house
Get into any trouble
Smoke too many cigarettes
Start anything with the Socs
23. After the rumble, a banged-up Ponyboy and Dallas are on the way to the hospital to see Johnny. The police pull Dallas over, and Dallas says there going to the hospital for what reason?
Pony's been in a motorcycle accident
Pony's girl friend is having a baby
Pony 's been fighting in a rumble
There going to see there friend
24. Dallas becomes unraveled after Johnny dies and takes it out on a convenience store and its employee. What does Dallas do inside the store that draws attention?
He starts screaming
He opens food and starts eating it
He knocks over shelves
He rips up the magazines
25. Johnny tells Ponyboy in a letter to stay gold. He says, "Like the way you dig _____ that's gold."
The clouds
Writing stories

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