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How Well Do You Know: The Wizard of Oz
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1. What advice does Zeke give to Dorothy about how to deal with Miss Gulch?
Throw mud at her
Spit in her eye
Don't walk past her house anymore
Call her a witch
2. What does Dorothy do that practically scares poor Zeke to death?
She falls out of a tree
She gets bite by a horse
She falls into the pig pen
She gets chased by a bull
3. Somewhere over the rainbow troubles melt like:
Lemon drops
Chocolate bars
Ice cream
4. Miss Gulch and Dorothy have two different versions of what happened with Toto. Why reason does Miss Gulch give for being mad at Toto?
He was digging in her garden
He chased her cat up a tree
He scared her chickens
He bit her
5. Dorothy meets Professor Marvel and asks him if she can go see what with him?
The wild beasts of Africa
The emperor of China
The crown heads of Europe
The Great Pyramids of Egypt
6. Finish the Munchkin's little song about where Dorothy came from: "Kansas she says is the name of her _____."
7. Not only is Dorothy welcomed to Munchkin Land by the Lullaby League, she also personally introduced to whom?
The Chocolate Bar Club
The Lollipop Guild
The Bubble Gum Boys
The Candy Cane Kids
8. If the Scarecrow had a brain, he claimed he would consult with what?
The wind
The flowers
The bees
The rain
9. The Scarecrow makes fun of the talking trees by saying what about their apples?
That they're rotten
That they have worms
That they taste disgusting
That they're all bruised
10. If the Tin Man had a heart he claims he would be friends with who?
The sparrows
The squirrels
The larks
The butterflies
11. The Wicked Witch the of West threatens to stuff a mattress with the Scarecrow. What does she threaten to do to the Tin Man?
Use him as a tea kettle
Turn him in a junk pile
Use him for beehive
Crush in into a tin can
12. When walking through a scary forest in Oz, one should definitely be out on the look for Lions, Tigers and what? (Oh my)
13. What finally stops the Lion's angry tirade about Dorothy and her friends?
Toto bites his paw
The Tin Man steps on his tail
Dorothy slaps him in the nose
Dorothy scolds him loudly
14. The Lion claims if he only had the nerve he'd be brave as a what?
A blizzard
The sun
A tornado
The thunder
15. What type of beautiful flower only proves to be deadly in Oz?
16. What is the cure to poison poppy sleepiness?
Fairy dust
17. What does the notice on the door to Oz say (you know, the ones that's as plain as the nose on the doorman's face)?
Knock three times
Bell out of order please knock
Knocker broken use the bell
Welcome to the Emerald City
18. The Wicked Witch of the West writes a threatening smoke message in the sky. What does the message say?
Surrender Dorothy
Surrender the shoes
Give up Dorothy
Turn back now
19. In the lion's song, he says when he's king of the forest, he won't be scared of anything. Which one of these creatures ISN'T mention as something he won't fear?
20. The Wizard tells Dorothy and her friends that he will grant there request only if they do what?
Kill the wicked of Witch the West
Bring him the Witch's broomstick
Capture the Wicked Witch
Bring him the Witch's hat
21. Dorothy's friends carry an interesting array of weapons to defeat the Wicked Witch. Which one of these weapons are they NOT armed with?
A pitch fork
Bug spray
A wrench
A gun
22. The Lion is afraid of the noises coming out of the forest. He repeats over and over again, "I do believe in ____ I do I do I do I do believe in ____."
23. What does the Witch threaten to do to poor Toto if Dorothy doesn't give her the ruby slippers?
Drown him
Throw him in the fire
Cut him in half
Throw him out the window
24. The Wicked Witch tells Dorothy she's going to kill her when:
When the clock strikes midnight
When the sun sets
When her guards return to the palace
When the hourglass is empty
25. What Does the Wizard of Oz give to the Tin Man?
A medal
A clock
A diploma
A locket
26. Bonus question!! The actor Frank Morgan didn't just have a part in the Wizard of OZ, he had several. How many characters did the actor play?
By way of explanation.....
The actor Frank Morgan played Professor Marvel, The doorman, The cabbie, The guard, and The wizard of Oz

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