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How Well Do You Know: The Hunger Games
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1. On the morning of the Hunger Games, Katniss finds what as a present from Prim?
A loaf of bread
A twist of her hair
A round of goat cheese
A broach-like pin
2. Never one to shy away from attention, Effie Trinket loves to intone her motto for the games, "May the odds be ____ in your favor!"
3. Representatives from how many districts participate in the Hunger Games?
4. How many tributes get sent to the Hunger Games from each district?
The number varies from year to year
5. Which girl's name is read from the drawing for the tributes from District 12?
Katniss Everdeen
Primrose Everdeen
6. What is Haymitch's advice to Katniss and Peeta, both on the train and before they enter the arena?
Earn your life
Think ahead
Stay alive
Live ruthlessly
7. Who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin to wear as her token from home?
8. It is implied that Peeta's mother hit him hard enough to leave a black eye when Peeta gave Katniss what?
A sack of flower
Two burnt loaves of bread
A half dozen three-day old buns
A kiss
9. Katniss' memory of the burnt bread is intertwined with the feeling of hope which this plant inspires:
Nightlock berries
Wild onions
10. Katniss drops a hive of this on the Careers and Peeta during the Games:
Tracker jackers
11. In a show of defiance, Katniss weaves what into Rue's hair?
Wild flowers
Mockingjay feathers
12. Peeta inadvertently kills Foxface by harvesting these berries and leaving them with the rest of his and Katniss' food.
Nightlock berries
Rue's berries
13. District 11 sent this to Katniss in recognition of her partnership with Rue.
Burn medicine
Medicine for Peeta's leg
14. What do Peeta and Katniss do during the opening ceremonies that is unusual?
Hold hands
Stand back to back
Turn their backs on the audience
15. During Katniss' session with the Gamemakers, she uses the bow and arrow to:
Deadeye a ring at fifty paces
Pierce the eye on a poster of President Snow
Shoot the big toe of one of the Gamemakers
Shoot the apple in the mouth of a pig of the Gamemakers' feast
16. Peeta announces his love of Katniss:
On stage during the opening ceremonies
During his interview with Caesar Flickerman
As Katniss treats his wounds
In a fevered sleep after being stung by tracker jackers
17. When there are six tributes left, what surprise announcement is made in the arena?
Two tributes can be the victor this year
Two new tributes will be introduced
The winning tribute will have to compete in the Hunger Games again
Two of the tributes thought to be dead have survived and will re-enter the Games
18. Who saves Katniss from Clove?
19. What was another name for Katniss while in the Capitol during the opening ceremonies?
A Live Coal
Girl on Fire
The Girl Who Lives in the Seam
A Pearl Made From Coal
20. After the announcement that two tributes will be victorious, Katniss finds Peeta in the arena by:
Almost stepping on him
Hearing him whimper in pain
Seeing him fall out of a tree
Following a trail of broken brush
21. The sponsors send Katniss and Peeta what meal, a favorite of Katniss's?
Mincemeat pies
Hearth hash
Lamb stew
Cheese soup
22. The Capitol views Katniss's threat of eating the nightlock berries as:
An act of true love
An act of surrender
An act of rebellion
A sign of her uncultured upbringing
23. After the Games end, Cinna encourages the perception of Katniss as:
A heartbroken lover
A young girl
A ruthless warrior
A burgeoning politician
24. Who continues to provide food for Katniss' family while she is in the games?
Peeta's family
The entire neighborhood
25. At the reunion interview, Peeta reveals:
He is partially blind
That he has an artificial leg
He and Katniss are already secretly married
He is the illegitimate son of President Snow
26. When does Peeta realize that Katniss is not completely in love with him?
When she threatens to eat the nightlock berries
When she refuses to save him early in the Games
When he overhears a conversation between her and Haymitch
As they ride the train back to District 12
27. Who was the last tribute in the arena with Katniss and Peeta?
28. With what you know of Panem and current United States geography, it would be most correct to place the Capitol nearest to which contemporary city?
Washington, D.C.
29. Which correctly matches a tribute to the District he or she represents?
Glimmer: District 6
Cato: District 11
Foxface: District 5
Thresh: District 1
By way of explanation.....
Glimmer is from District 1, Cato is from District 2 and Thresh is from 11
30. Which correctly matches the District with its chief product?
District 5: Grain
District 8: Paper
District 9: Power
District 10: Livestock
By way of explanation.....
For the record, District 5 produces power; 8 specializes in textiles and 9 is grain

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