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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 2 Episode 09: A Bicyclops Built For Two
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Good news everybody! Professor Farnsworth tried to log onto AOL and now, several years later, Planet Express is now on-line! What do the net suits smell of?
burning rhesus monkey
denture cream and mothballs
Zoidberg’s leavings
The sequence where the Planet Express crew enters the Internet includes all of the following references to movies, except:
the entry into the computer world resembles Tron
“My God, it’s full of ads”, a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey
pop-up ads swarm and attack like the birds in The Birds
the Planet Express crew fight off the ads with proton packs, as seen in Ghostbusters
The internet includes all of the following ads except:
Steamy Presidential MP3s
Congratulations! You are today’s Grand Prize Winner!
Human Memory Upgrades! brainslugplanet.web
Click Here To Be Annoyed
The internet is also full of porn. What sign catches Zoidberg’s attention?
sardine on mackerel action
crayfish on sea urchin action
swordfish on hammerhead action
clam on barnacle action
In the Filthy Filthy Chatroom, what is Bender’s disguise?
sexy nurse
slutty French maid
police officer Naughty
Princess Leia – metal bikini version
Fry is bored with sex and asks if the Internet has a place that panders to his lust for violence.
Is the Space Pope marsupial?
Is the Space Pope simian?
Is the Space Pope reptilian?
Is the Space Pope amphibian?
Hermes suggests that they play a video game. These mighty spacemen of the future will have to show Fry how it works. Which character is featured in the video game?
Ms. Pac-Man
Donkey Kong
While on the Internet, Leela met Alkazar, another Cyclops. Later, he sends her an email inviting her to visit the planet of her birth. What delivery is interrupted by Alcazar’s email?
protective liners to Goretex 10
zeroes to Googleplex 9
popcorn delivery to Cineplex 14
the Space Pope’s hat to Pontifex 12
Who destroyed the Cyclops civilization?
the vulture people of Aerie 4
the bacteria people of Streptococcus 6
the mole people of Subterra 3
the slug people of Arion 5
There’s a lot of stuff to steal on Cyclopia – so much that Bender has to make room by jettisoning:
three frying pans and a baby
three chandeliers and an ant farm
three goldfish bowls and a toaster
three Emmys and Rodney Dangerfield’s head
Alcazar survived the destruction of the Cyclops civilization thanks to his job as a:
pool cleaner
bank teller
refrigerator repairman
bomb shelter inspector
Alcazar got his couch and TV set because they were giving it away at the street corner – just like Leela! Too bad they weren’t giving away the three things Alcazar actually needs – all of the following except:
stain-proof underwear
industrial-strength deodorant
mouth wash
Turns out Alcazar has needs – to make it with five weirdos and have them scrub his five castles. The other weirdos included all of the following except:
a five-eyed woman
a Ferengi woman
a rhinoceros woman
a Yithian woman
Alkazar gave Leela all that she wanted – and of course he made a few bucks by letting _______ watch through the two-way mirror.
Rat Man
Rat Woman
Alcazar’s real form resembles a:
potato bug

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