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How Well Do You Know: Chuck: Season 5 Recap
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1. Episode 1, Chuck vs. the Zoom: In their first mission as Carmichael Industries, what is the team tasked with retrieving?
A stolen microchip
A stolen vase
A stolen jewel
A stolen warhead
2. Episode 1, Chuck vs. the Zoom: Who does Woodley, the ambulance chaser, say Roger Bale stole Two Million Dollars from?
Rush Limbaugh
Keith Olberman
Bill O'Reilly
Rupert Murdoch
3. Episode 1, Chuck vs. the Zoom: What does Lester say a stampede of middle aged secretaries trampled Jeff to get their hands on?
The latest Twilight movie
New Kids on the Block Reunion cd
Talking Justin Beiber bobble head
$2 Waffle makers
4. Episode 2, Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit: Verbanski keeps a trophy of her defeat of John Casey in her office, what is it?
A dagger
A silenced pistol
A sword
A Tommy Gun
5. Episode 2, Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit:  In her meeting with Morgan, Verbanski says she was wondering who the real "____________________" on the team was. Which fictional character was she referring to?
James Bond
Han Solo
John McClane
Luke Skywalker
6. Episode 3, Chuck vs. The Frosted Tips: Morgan is insulted by the job offer from Verbanski Corp because it didn't include which of the following?
An office with a window
A private jet
A personal assistant
An espresso machine
7. Episode 4, Chuck vs. The Frosted Tips: Where does Casey take Verbanski on their first date?
Her favorite restaraunt, Cerulean 
The gun range
A monster truck event
The Ronald Reagan Library
8. Episode 4, Chuck vs. the Business Trip: What's the codename of the outside contractor Decker sent the hit on Morgan to?
9. Episode 5, Chuck vs. the Hack Off: What's the name of the computer virus that Decker sends Chuck and Sarah to track down?
10. Episode 5, Chuck vs. the Hack Off: What was Chuck's hacker codename?
11. Episode 6, Chuck vs. the Curse: When Casey meets General Beckman at the roadside bar where they go during their darkest hours he mentions three such times. Which of the following was NOT one of those times?
Iran Contra
Fall of Saigon
The Clinton Years
12. Episode 7, Chuck vs. the Santa Suit: After escaping from prison and taking Sarah hostage, Shaw demands Chuck retrieve a device from Decker's CIA office. What is the name of that device? The ___________ Device.
13. Episode 7, Chuck vs. the Santa Suit: When Morgan enlists Jeff and Lester to help defeat the Omen Virus, what does Lester request as compensation?
A trip to the Bahamas
A 6" Classic Italian BMT from Subway
An iPad2
A Venti Peppermint Mochachino from Starbucks
14. Episode 8, Chuck vs. the Baby: What game do we see Morgan, Captain Awesome, Ellie, and Alex playing in Castle?
Know Ya!
The Game of Life
15. Episode 8, Chuck vs. the Baby: Where does Sarah's mysterious mission take the team?
16. Episode 9, Chuck vs. the Kept Man: After a romantic evening together, Gertrude has a romantic gift for Casey. What is it?
.50 Desert Eagle Pistol
Blue Cashmere sweater
Bulletproof vest
Signed copy of An American Life - Ronald Reagan
17. Episode 9, Chuck vs. the Kept Man: When Verbanski hires Carmichael Industries to provide protection for her on a mission, where does she request they take their talents to?
Washington D.C.
South Beach
18. Episode 10, Chuck vs. Bo: After being hypnotized by Ellie, what phrases did Morgan continue to recite?
Emerald Gold 10
Maroon Gold 10
Green Yellow 10
Emerald Maroon 10
19. Episode 10, Chuck vs. Bo: What song was playing each time Jeff and Lester woke up in the desert outside of Vegas after being dumped there by Casey?
Lodi (Stuck In...)
Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
The Weight
A Horse With No Name
20. Episode 11, Chuck vs. the Bullet Train: What was Lester trying to blow up in the microwave in the Buy More?
Christmas ornament
21. Episode 11, Chuck vs. the Bullet Train: After becoming the Intersect, how many times did Sarah flash in two days time?
22. Episode 11, Chuck vs. the Bullet Train: After infiltrating DARPA and discovering a cloak of invisibility, Morgan makes reference to three movies, which one of the following did he NOT make reference to?
Sleepy Hollow
Star Wars
Harry Potter
The Fugitive
23. Episode 12, Chuck vs. Sarah: Captain Awesome and Ellie receive job offers from a hospital in which city?
New York
24. Episode 13, Chuck vs. the Goodbye: On their mission in Germany, Chuck and Sarah follow their target to a Mexican restaurant which looks just like the restaurant they went to on their first "date." What was the name of that restaurant (the one back home)?
El Compadre
El Mariachi
El Flamingo
El Coyote
25. Episode 13, Chuck vs. the Goodbye: What song does Jeffster perform at the  Pacific Concert Hall to help give Chuck time to defuse the bomb under General Beckman's seat?
Mr. Roboto
Take On Me
Blaze of Glory
26. Bonus question: what was the best thing about Chuck?
John Casey's unwavering patriotism
Sarah in lingerie/kicking butt
Chuck as the Intersect
All of the above

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