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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3
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1. "The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby": Mac and Dee try to get the baby involved in show business - a guaranteed money maker, right? When told that "white babies don't sell any more" they:
offer the baby to a stranger in exchange for her "ethnic" baby
bring the baby to a tanning booth to try to make him "more Latino"
put the baby in blackface
convince the talent agent that white babies sell too
2. "The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby": During a conversation with his mother, Charlie is horrified to find out that:
she slept with Dennis
she is not Charlie's real mom; she happened to also find him in a dumpster, and kept him
she tried selling him on the black market when he was a baby, but nobody wanted him
she tried to have an abortion when pregnant with him, but it "didn't take"
3. "The Gang Gets Invincible": Dee wants to go to the Eagles tryout with the guys, but of course the rest of the gang says no. Mac and Dennis tell her there are plenty of sports women can try out for - which is not one of them?
displaying cars at auto shows dressed in tiny bikinis
complaining to friends about their boyfriends
getting manicures and pedicures
4. "The Gang Gets Invincible": Which of the following does not happen during tryouts?
Dee shatters her foot kicking the football
Charlie dresses as Greenman
Franks shoots someone
Mac gets into a fistfight with one of the coaches
5. "Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead": How did Dennis and Dee's mother die?
a botched neck lift
a heart attack while in bed with a young Brazilian boytoy
struck by a Chinese delivery boy on a bicycle
overdose of children's vitamins
6. "Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead": While Mac and Dennis attempt to throw a party at Dennis's new house (left to him by his mother), Charlie spends that time:
um, enjoying some private time, in Dee's room to a picture of Dennis and Dee's mom
reading Dee's high school diary
watching old home videos of Dee and Dennis as children
fighting in the cabana with the pool boy
7. "The Gang Gets Held Hostage": Frank is the only one of the gang who is not held hostage, mainly because he is hiding...where?
in his car outside
in the dumpster
in the bar's vent system
in the walk in freezer
8. "The Gang Gets Held Hostage": Who is the only member of the gang to make out with a McPoyle?
9. "The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo": Dee's high school classmate Ingrid Nelson (aka Fatty Magoo) is now a successful:
tv game show host
fashion designer
hand model
plastic surgeon
10. "The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo": Dee decides to create a prototype of a dress in order to show Ingrid she's successful, too. ________ decides to beat Dee to it, creating a prototype himself.
11. "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation": While checking out a neighboring bar (now the last stop in the Pub Crawl), Charlie comes to the conclusion that the secret of this rival bar's microbrew is behind a locked door. He and Dennis try in vain to break it down. The door was marked "Private". Charlie, however, thought it said:
"Go Away"
12. "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation": Which of the following does not happen during the episode?
Frank winds up in a knife fight with the owner of the competing bar
Dee sleeps with a toothless, dirty busboy in exchange for a microbrew recipe (or so she thinks)
the gang attempts to have a wet t-shirt contest at Paddy's
Charlie gets engaged to a 12 yr old Korean waitress
13. "The Gang Sells Out": Mac, Dennis and Frank take the corporate rep to a strip club after he decides he doesn't want to buy Paddy's (or deal with the gang) any more, but this plan doesn't work to their advantage. Why?
one of the strippers vomits in the rep's lap
the rep is gay
the rep winds up hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after the guys get him drunk
the rep gets robbed after leaving the strip club
14. "The Gang Sells Out": Dee and Dennis ultimately get fired from their new restaurant jobs for:
excessive swearing at the customers
stripping down to their underwear after Mac slips them some drugs
stealing and drinking on the job
hitting on the boss and the boss's wife
15. "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire": Mac saves a man from choking by:
karate chopping him in the back
punching him in the stomach
jumping on him as he lay unconscious
hanging him upside down and shaking him
16. "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire": Dee decides to become famous by acting like...who?
Paris Hilton
Kim Kardashian
Nicole Ritchie
Lindsay Lohan
17. "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person": Kevin, the guy Dee's dating, has chosen "Sweet Kev" as his rapper name. The gang calls him something else, though - what?
"Sh!tty Kev"
"Special K"
18. "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person": The gang's hastily thrown together band is called Chemical Toilet, much to Frank's dismay. He wanted to call the band:
The Fairy Godmothers
The Pecan Sandies
Gym Class Dropouts
The Man-Children
19. "Mac is a Serial Killer": A pimp named Pepper Jack mistakes Dee for a prostitute, despite her insistence that she's not. He "exchanges" Dee for an item Dennis has in his possession - what?
a dart gun
a He-Man t-shirt
a condom
a Fraggle Rock thermos
20. "Mac is a Serial Killer": What alerts the Waitress to the fact that she's being followed by Dennis and Dee?
the broken horn in Dee's car
Charlie's phone call
the sound of Dee's clown shoes
the PA system in the van Mac rented
21. "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender": Frank moves out of Charlie's apartment, and in with...who?
Charlie's mom
Mac's dad, fresh out of prison
a prostitute he met in front of Paddy's
22. "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender": Mac wants his father do to something with him. What is it?
go on a trip to Cooperstown
go to a brothel
make a homemade breakfast
go fishing for trout
23. "The Gang Gets Whacked - Part 1": After being unable to get the mob's $25,000 back by selling oxycontin, the gang (more specifically, Dennis) decides to turn to:
acting in pornos
selling Paddy's
24. "The Gang Gets Whacked - Part 1": Mac tries to be part of the mob's crew. They make him ___________ as part of his "initiation".
stand outside wearing a "human billboard"
key Mac's car
clean the bathroom
dress like a woman
25. "The Gang Gets Whacked - Part 2": Mac brags to the mob guys about his cat-like reflexes. They, in return, give him the nickname:
"Pussy Hands"
"Meow Mix"
"Mr. Wiggles-worth"
26. "The Gang Gets Whacked - Part 2": Charlie and Dee get ________ to sell their stash of drugs for them.
Ingrid Nelson (aka "Fatty Magoo")
Mac's father
Charlie's landlord
Rickety Cricket
27. "Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City": Frank, Dennis and Charlie, at a junkyard looking to buy a 'junkyard dog', find something else that might help deter criminals from the alleyways..what?
an arsenal of weapons
a mannequin
a police car
live grenades
28. "Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City": Dennis names his 'junkyard cat':
The Terminator
Agent Jack Bauer
Dirty Harry
Magnum P.I.
29. "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off": Dennis pretends to be a dance instructor to hit on attractive women. He makes up a dance called:
The Sparkle Motion
The Sexy Time
The Rococo Bang
Dennis Time
30. "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off": Frank, Cricket and Mac plot to get others out of the competition by:
cutting the electricity to Paddy's
spiking drinks with Ex Lax
calling in a bomb threat
making sedative-filled brownies

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