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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E12: Campaign Ad
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1. Two days in, Bobby Newport doesn't know why it's called a "campaign," because it's been a:
2. Bobby Newport is under a rather serious delusion about the campaign. He thinks:
He's already won the election
He's running unopposed
He's running for mayor, not City Council
His dad bought the election
3. Andy's litany of complaints to Ann include each of the following, except:
He is seeing double
Bright light tastes funny to him
His teeth hurt
He has a song stuck in his head
4. When he hit his head, Andy was trying to:
Hang up a gold record
Hang up his Reggie Wayne jersey
Figure out if they have raccoons
Teaching himself to play rugby
5. In Leslie's childhood dreams, she wasn't 70 points behind in her campaign, and her campaign manager was:
Cliff Huxtable
Mr. Belvedere
Tony Danza
Norm from Cheers
6. Ben plans to air the campaign ad during:
The annual televised Pawnee jail probation hearings
A Hee-Haw marathon
The Up With People Awards
The Eagleton-Pawnee basketball game
7. Ron asks Chris if he has considered doing away with the entire ___________, as he has personally ___________ at no cost to the taxpayer
City planners office / designed cities of the future
Fire department / put out several local fires
National Guard / crushed several local uprisings
Police department / stopped dozens of crimes
8. Who gave Bobby Newport his Persian greyhound?
The pretender to the throne of Alsace-Lorraine
Larry Bird's niece
The Indiana governor's illegitimate son
Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez
9. As Leslie and Charlie leap in her ad, the words ____________ appear on the screen in bold red letters:
Positively Pawnee
Yay Pawnee
Go Pawnee
Pawnee Pride
10. Referring to Bobby Newport's job at his dad's candy company, Ben's ad shows a picture of Bobby Newport with the label:
Vice President of Creamy Centers
Vice Presidents of Chewiness
Vice President of Calories
Vice President of Nougat
11. One of Ben's problems with Leslie's ad is that:
She smiles too much
She doesn't state that she's running for City Council
She refers to herself as Neslie Lope
She's standing in front of a strip club
12. Ron declines Chris's invitation to a seminar on the art of:
Log splitting
Japanese tea ceremonies
Sweet, sweet jazz
Motorcycle maintenance
13. Trying to skip out on his and April's medical bill, Andy runs smack into a ton of irony in the form of:
An ambulance
A revolving door
A bill collector
A mailbox
14. "Leslie Knope had better ideas when she was ________ than Bobby Newport has now."
15. Bobby's main reason for running for City Council seems to be:
To score with the chicks
To get his dad off his back
To see himself on TV
To impress his old frat brothers

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