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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S03E02: Cut Ties
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1. What does the realtor call Raylan at the beginning of the episode when he appears half-dressed at the top of the stairs?
Mr. Dawkins
Mr. Dawson
Mr. Hawkins
Mr. Hawson
2. When Winona is talking about the kind of men she is interested in, she says she needs "someone tall and strapping, like a..."
3. Which of these does Raylan not do when talking to Boyd in prison early in the episode?
Ask for his advice on a case
Ask for his opinion of his relationship with Winona
Tell him that he is going to be released
Tell him an old Givens' family story
4. When Rachel arrives at the house of the woman who is in witness protection she says the cover story is that she is her college roommate and she is visiting from which city?
5. Raylan says that the first ultrasound of his and Winona's child bears a striking resemblance to...
The creature from Alien
The creature from the Black Lagoon
A Gremlin
6. Walter Poe collects what kind of animals?
7. How does Boyd get put into solitary confinement, so that he can have a better shot at Dickie?
He starts a fight in the cafeteria
He shows off his swastika tattoo to a group of black prisoners
He knocks a guard out, then feigns an escape
He organises a dance number without getting authorization
8. Into which solitary confinement cell is Boyd put?
Cell 2
Cell 3
Cell 4
Cell 5
9. How did Poe manage to make the $2 million needed to pay off his debt to Little Joe?
He entered a national singing contest, bet against himself and threw the last round
He sold out other people in witness protection to whoever was out to kill them
He held a telethon
He robbed a lot of banks
10. What is the name of the witness that Poe sold out, leading to the tense shoot-out that serves as the episode's climax?
Carrie Archer
Mary Archer
Jeri Archer
Sarah Archer

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