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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E11: The Comeback Kid
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1. Everyone on Leslie's staff is relieved to learn that she's chosen as her campaign manager:
2. Leslie's first critique of Ann as campaign manager (all of 30 seconds after she hired Ann) is:
Her complete lack of understanding of how to run a campaign
She has a little schmootz on the side of her mouth
She's not ruthless enough for the job
The way she dresses
3. When Leslie talks up her new campaign staff to William and Elizabeth, Andy informs Leslie that he has tried to make:
Spaghetti in the fishbowl
Ramen in the coffee pot
Pudding in the pencil sharpener
Toaster waffles in the microwave
4. The name of April and Andy's new three-legged dog is:
5. Ron: "I don't want to paint with a broad brush, but every single __________ in the world is a miserable, incompetent thief."
Campaign manager
Former local legend
Police officer
6. When Chris visits Ben at home, the latter is trying rather futilely to make this foodstuff:
Toaster strudels
Fried pickles
7. Pistol Pete Disilio made a name for himself with a last-second dunk that won a game against Eagleton for the Pawnee Central:
Murderous Marauders
Scalping Norsemen
Drunken Savages
Death Merchants
8. Where on his person does Tom have red carpet?
In his wallet
In his shoe
Right next to his junk
On his tie
9. Each of the following was in the campaign truck when it was stopped by the police, except for:
10. Ben shows Chris his claymation video. The name of the opus is:
The Death of Freedom
A Walk in the Park
Afternoon and the Next Morning
Requiem for a Tuesday
11. The video, which took three weeks to make, is all of about five seconds long, although it does make great use of (the first five seconds of) this song:
Born to Run
Fight for Your Right to Party
12. Speaking of music, an upbeat song by _________ plays repeatedly as Leslie and her staff attempt to cross the ice rink to the stage:
Gloria Estefan
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
The Go Gos
13. Who is responsible for assembling the crowd for the rally?
14. Leslie tries to deliver her speech, but her note cards have gotten mixed up, as evidenced by her saying: "Together we can defeat _________"
Truth and justice
Obese children
The hopeless and downtrodden
Veterans for Foreign Wars
15. What is Ann's curious response when the horribly injured Pistol Pete asks her out at the end of the episode?
She doesn't date former local legends
She's married
She'll be too busy as Leslie's campaign manager
She's already seeing tom

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