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How Well Do You Know: Hot Fuzz
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1. What trilogy is the movie a part of?
Wanker Trilogy
Alien Trilogy
Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy
Pegg/Frost Trilogy
2. Police Constable Nicolas Angel is the man. He has an amazing track record and has even sustained three injuries in the line of duty. How did he get the most recent one?
He was set on fire
He was stabbed by a man dressed as Father Christmas
He was shot
He fell down a flight of stairs
3. By what percent is Nicolas Angel's arrest record higher than any other officer?
4. Angel has done so well, that he is being promoted to sergeant! But, where exactly?
Sanford, Gloustershire
London, England
Sydney, Australia
Manchester United
5. Why exactly is Angel being transferred?
It's a better use of his skills
It has better pay
He's been making the team look bad
He's always wanted to settle in the country
6. What is Angel's ex-girlfriend's job?
Forensic Inspector
Cleanup Crew
Autopsy Advisor
7. Why did Jeanine split with Angel?
He's a jerk
He's been cheating on her
He's way too concerned with his job
He doesn't like her
8. Angel has a plant that he takes care of. What type?
Rubber Plant
Neem Plant
Japanese Peace Lily
9. What is Angel's new Chief Inspector's name?
Frank Butterberry
Frank Butterman
Frank Butterbean
Frank Butterjohn
10. What is the first thing Angel orders when he walks into the bar?
Cranberry Juice
Pint of Lager
Large Bailey's
Yard of Lager
11. What is the philosophy of Sanford?
The Greater Good
The Grass is Greener on the Other Side
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk
12. What is the main issue the Neighborhood Watch Alliance discusses?
The school system
Underage drinking
The drunk population
The extremely irritating Living Statue
13. Who is the newspaperman that misspells Sergeant Angels' name?
Tim Messenger
Peter Ian Staker
Chauncey Gardner
Jim Broadbent
14. In every movie from the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, there is a different flavor of ice cream shown. What is this films flavor?
15. Who manages Somerfield Supermarket?
Mr. Treacher
Micheal "Lurch" Armstrong
Frank Butterman
Simon Skinner
16. What type of accident was the first murder made to look like?
A bad fall
A car accident
A fire
An explosion
17. How did Tim Messenger die?
A gas fire
He was shot
He was stabbed by a man dressed as Father Christmas
A stone structure crushed him
18. Who is behind the accident-murders?
The Police Force
The newspaper team
The florist
The Neighborhood Watch Alliance
19. Why is the NWA committing all of these murders?
They don't like annoyances
They don't want to lose their Village of the Year Title
They didn't like the people they killed
They think it's fun
20. Why does Butterman go to such extreme measures to win Village of the Year?
His wife killed herself when they lost the title
He loves the glory
He doesn't like to see hard work go to waste
He like the plaque he gets every year
21. Who does Sergeant Angel fight at the end of the film?
Frank Butterman
Simon Skinner
Micheal "Lurch" Armostrong
Aaron A. Aronson
22. What does Simon Skinner slip on to cause him to be impaled by a model stone structure?
A Hot Wheels car
A cylinder
A ball
A miniature Sommerfield truck
23. What movie is parodied as Frank Butterman runs from his son, pointing a gun at him?
Shaun of the Dead
Bad Boys
Bad Boy 2
Point Break
24. How is Frank Butterman stopped in his tracks?
He breaks his legs on a fence
The swan is in the backseat of the getaway car
He slips and falls
Angel shoots him
25. Who saves Angel's life, taking a great deal of buckshot to the belly in mid-air?

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