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How Well Do You Know: The Mist
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1. Who directed "The Mist"?
Stephen Spielberg
Jars von Trier
Frank Darabont
Darren Aronofsky
2. What occupation does David Drayton (Thomas Jane) have?
Movie poster painter
Web designer
3. What does Mr. Norton's tree fall on?
His house
David Drayton's house
David Drayton's boat house
His garage
4. Dan Miller runs toward the grocery store with a:
Bloody nose
Broken arm
Scraped knee
Broken leg
5. After Miller warns of the things in the mist, what happens to the grocery store?
The things in the mist attack
It rains fire
There is an earthquake
6. Who is first slain by the things?
Ollie Weeks
Billy Drayton
Norm, the bagboy
Mrs. Carmody
7. Who is skeptical of David's claim of the tentacles?
Mr. Norton
Ollie Weeks
Mrs. Carmody
Jim Grondin
8. What type of creatures attack the grocery store during the first night?
Mammal-like creatures
Insect-like creatures and pterodactyls
Bees and wasp-like creatures
9. How does Sally die on the night the creatures come?
She commits suicide
A bug stings her in the neck
She is set on fire
She is eaten
10. Joe Eagleton is killed by trying to:
Burn the creatures
Turn on the emergency lights
Shoot the creatures
11. How does Mrs. Carmody gain followers after the attack that night?
She uses her lectures to do it
An insect crawls on her but doesn't sting her
She befriends a man and word spreads
She doesn't
12. Where do Drayton and the others go to get supplies?
The dollar store
The consignment shop
The grocery store
The pharmacy
13. What creatures attack the group in the pharmacy?
14. Who follows the teachings of Mrs. Carmody after the pharmacy incident?
Ollie Weeks
David Drayton
Jim Grondin
Norm, the bagboy
15. The word of the day is:
16. Who says it's "all our fault" in the pharmacy?
A hunter
A policeman
A government agent
A Military MP
17. Private Jessup reveals that the reason for the creatures stemmed from:
The Gibson Project
The Arrowhead Project
The Ebony Project
Project X
18. Who is sacrificed to the creatures by a mob of angry religious fanatics?
David Drayton
Private Jessup
Billy Drayton
Jim Grondin
19. While the group is preparing the next morning to leave the store, who stops them?
Mrs. Carmody
Mr. Norton
Jim Grondin
Ollie Weeks
20. Who kills Mrs. Carmody?
Jim Grondin
David Drayton
Amanda Dumfries
Ollie Weeks
21. Which 5 people leave the store that morning?
David, Billy, Amanda, Ollie, Norm
Amanda, David, Billy, Dan, and Irene
Billy, Amanda, Irene, Mrs. Carmody, Private Jessup
David, Billy, Mr. Norton, Jim, Norm
22. What has happened to David's home and wife?
The house still stands but his wife has disappeared
The house is demolished but his wife is alive
The house is demolished and his wife is dead
The house is still standing but his wife has been killed
23. How many bullets are left in the gun after the David's group makes it to the car?
24. Why does David shoot the passengers in his car?
He didn't like them
He wanted to spare them from being eaten alive
He wanted to be left alone
He couldn't go on with them
25. What happens after David shoots his friends and son?
He is eaten
He commits suicide
The things in the mist look upon him, but let him go
The mist clears, and military trucks drive past with rescued citizens

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