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How Well Do You Know: Jackass: The Movie
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1. What animal is shown whilst the guys are careening down the street in an over sized shopping cart?
A giraffe
A pony
An elephant
A cockateel
2. Who jumps off of the giant shopping cart first?
Preston Lacy
Wee Man
Ryan Dunn
Johnny Knoxville
3. Who directed Jackass: The Movie?
Spike Jonze
Johnny Knoxville
Jeff Tremaine
Dimitry Elyashkevich
4. What is the first stunt to be shown after the shopping cart opening?
The High-Five
The Rent-A-Car Crash Up Derby
The Puppet Show
Roller Buffalo
5. During the golf course destruction in the beginning of the film, Rake Yohn is drinking alcohol on top of a _______ statue.
Polar Bear
6. When the baby alligator is clamped onto Johnny Knoxville's nipple, what does his tattoo read?
Your Mother
7. When Dave England poops in a hardware store's toilet in public, what color was the toilet he used?
8. Who participated in The Bungee Wedgie?
Raab Himself
Johnny Knoxville
Rake Yohn
Bam Margera
9. During The Bungee Wedgie, someone mentioned "a ______ _____-sized Maxi-Pad".
Courtney Cox
Whitney Houston
Dolly Parton
Courtney Love
10. Who was the Old Man who sped down a sidewalk/street yelling, "My brakes! My brakes! Stop me!"?
Spike Jonze
Johnny Knoxville
Bam Margera
Wee Man
11. Who got his "Ass Kicked By A Girl"?
Bam Margera
Ryan Dunn
Preston Lacy
Dave England
12. What did Steve-O snort in the sushi bar?
13. Who held "The Gong", along with Johnny Knoxville in the streets of Tokyo?
Chris Pontius
Rick Kosick
Wee Man
14. What skate trick did Johnny Knoxville perform?
A 50-50
A Nosegrind
An Overcrook
A Feeble
15. Who puked during the "Paper Cuts"?
Johnny Knoxville
Lance Bangs
Christ Pontius
16. What boxer did Johnny Knoxville fight in a department store?
Mike Tyson
Muhammad Ali
Sugar Ray Johnson
17. Which two Jackasses took a day off from stunts to be "Whale Shark Gummers"?
Chris Pontius and Johnny Knoxville
Preston Lacy and Steve-O
Wee Man and Bam Margera
Chris Pontius and Steve-O
18. Where was the "Tidal Wave" filmed?
19. Under Steve-O's tattoo of himself giving a thumbs-up, what does the quote say?
"I love stunts!"
"Yeah dude, I rock!"
"I'm a Jackass!"
20. What guest star drove the Jeep in "Off-Road Tattoo"?
Juliette Lewis
Johnny Depp
Henry Rollins
Patton Oswalt
21. Who ate the "Yellow Sno-Cone"?
Ehren McGhehey
Bam Margera
Chris Pontius
22. Who kicked himself in the head?
Chris Pontius
Preston Lacy
Wee Man
23. Who were the pranksters utilizing their "Golf Course Airhorns"?
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera
Steve-O, Christ Pontius and Preston Lacy
Johnny Knoxville, Dave England and Ehren McGhehey
Wee Man, Ryan Dunn and Spike Jonze
24. Who dressed up as a mouse and got hit by a cougar?
Chris Pontius
Dave England
Ryan Dunn
25. Who were "The Burglars"?
Preston Lacy and Steve-O
Dave England and Ryan Dunn
Johnny Knowville and Ryan Dunn
Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera
26. What color was the toy car that Ryan Dunn put in his butt?
27. Who was the original stuntman chosen for the Toy Car bit?
Ryan Dunn
Bam Margera
Dave England
28. What did Ryan Dunn put the toy car in before insertion?
A sock
A kleenex
A condom
A rubber glove finger
29. When Ryan Dunn visited a proctologist to examine his toy car problem, what did the doctor say was the worst thing he has ever seen in someones rectum?
A toy car
A Milk of Magnesia bottle
A coke bottle
A gerbil
30. Which celebrity guest starred to end the movie?
Rip Taylor
Dick Van Dyke
Louis C.K.
Conan O'Brian

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