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How Well Do You Know: Caddyshack
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1. What is the name of the country club where much of Caddyshack takes place?
Rolling Hills
Green Bell
2. Which character is from a large Catholic family and hopes to win the club's caddy scholarship?
Al Czervik
Danny Noonan
Carl Spackler
Ty Webb
3. After Danny Noonan wins the caddy golf tournament, what does Judge Smails invite him to do?
Mow his lawn
To caddy for him the next day
Date his niece
Have a Fresca
4. For what reason does the country club host a fancy dinner party?
35th anniversary of the caddy tournament
Fourth of July
Judge Smails' birthday
5. How does Ty Webb end up at Carl's place?
Judge Smails gave him the wrong address
The gopher steals his golf ball and scurries inside
He smelled smoke
He hits a golf ball into the house
6. Which character says the following line: "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!"?
Al Czervik
Danny Noonan
Carl Spackler
Ty Webb
7. Which character says the following line: "It's in the hole!"?
Al Cvervik
Danny Noonan
Carl Spackler
Ty Webb
8. What type of candy bar lands in the swimming pool, causing a full-blown panic?
Milky Way
Baby Ruth
9. Which golfer gets struck by lightning?
Chuck Schick
Bishop Pickering
Tony D'Annunzio
Smoke Porterhouse
10. What happened to the club's previous winner of the caddy scholarship?
Found God
Choked to death on a hamburger
Joined the circus
Died of an anxiety attack
11. Who is Judge Smails' partner, who has been club champion for three years running, at the big golf match with Al and Ty?
Dr. Beeper
Fred Bernstein
Bishop Pickering
Tony D'Annunzio
12. What is Carl's final master plan to end the gopher problem?
Using explosives shaped like gophers
Long and hungry snakes
Flooding the holes with water
Liberal use of a flame thrower
13. Where will Danny's father try to get him a job if he doesn't have anything lined up by September?
Lumber yard
Tennis club
Shoe store
14. When Carl tells his infamous tale of when he caddied for the Dalai Lama, he remembers that the Lama told him "Oh, uh, _______, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." What is the missing line?
Sorry about that
I'm all out of tequila
I have to go
There won't be any money
15. What is Carl holding while he tells his Dalai Lama story?
Baseball bat
16. What is the name of Al Czervik's boat?
Cha Cha
Flying Wasp
17. Put the following events from the movie in order from first to last: The country club dinner; the yacht club scene; the caddy tournament.
Dinner > tournament > yacht club
Tournament > dinner > yacht club
Yacht club > tournament > dinner
Yacht club > dinner > tournament
18. Who was Al Czervik a guest of on his first visit to the country club?
The Wang's
The Havercamp's
The Scott's
The Smails'
19. Which of these men does Lacey Underall NOT have an erotic encounter with?
Ty Webb
Danny Noonan
Tony D'Annunzio
Spaulding Smails
20. Who performed the hit song from the soundtrack, "I'm Alright"?
Phil Collins
Kenny Loggins
Lionel Ritchie
Huey Lewis

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